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Museum Studies Course Descriptions

ANT102 — Comparative Cultures (3 cr.)

Introduction to and comparison of a variety of world cultures as a means of introducing the approaches and methods of cultural anthropology. Exposure to the intellectual and practical problems cultural anthropologists encounter and the kinds of solutions they propose. Exploration of a wide range of concepts and topics, including culture, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, reflexivity, social organization, gender, ideologies, subsistence patterns and technology, violence and warfare, poverty, hunger, and inequality. (Fall — Spring). Liberal arts.

ART137 — Western Art: Ancient and Medieval (3 cr.)

Survey of important developments in western art during Antiquity and the Middle Ages. First half of a two-semester sequence. (Fall — Spring). Liberal arts.

ART139 — Western Art: Renaissance to Present (3 cr.)

Survey of the history of the art of western civilization, Renaissance to the present. Second half of two-semester sequence. (Fall — Spring). Liberal arts.

ART270 — American Art: Colonial Period to the Present (3 cr.)

A survey of architecture, sculpture, and painting in the United States from the colonial period to the present. Major movements and artists are considered, from the Federal era and the Gothic Revival to Impressionism and Post-Modernism. Topics include the changing role of the visual arts in American society and the impact of historical events on American art and culture. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts.

ART472 — Museum Studies/Art Exhibitions (3 cr.)

Readings on museum history, concepts, structure and procedures. A general text and specialized essays of the American Association of Museums will be used. Study of the procedural, curatorial and planning works of museums and exhibitions. Faculty review of portfolios for the senior art major exhibition. Three field trips, for which transportation will be provided; other expenses are the student's responsibility. (Fall). Liberal arts. Prerequisite: students must take ART472 during the fall of their senior year in order to participate in the Senior Art Exhibition during their senior spring semester; junior standing for all others.

ART473 — Senior Art Major Exhibition (1 cr.)

An advanced practicum for students interested in the museum experience and the preparation of art exhibits. Principles and techniques learned in ART472 will be used to create an exhibition of student's own work (Senior Art Major Exhibition), or selected material from the permanent art collection or material of another discipline. (Spring). Liberal arts. Pass/fail. Prerequisites: ART472, senior art major, completion of art foundation program, 37 credits in art, passing art faculty review in ART472 if exhibiting, approval of museum director.

HIS395 — Introduction to Historic Preservation (3 cr.)

The development and styles of America's built environment, the growth of the historic preservation movement, the philosophies of preservation, contemporary preservation work, on-site activities, and opportunities in the field. (Fall/Spring). Liberal arts. Prerequisites: sophomore standing.

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