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Student Music Council

All You Need Is a Love of Music

Photo of SUNY Plattsburgh Student Music Council members hanging out in the Meyers Fine Arts buildingMusic Council is a group of students who share a common love of music. You do not need to be a music major to join. You don’t even need to take any music classes. You don't even have to have any musical talent to be a member. All you need to have is an appreciation of anything musical.

What Do We Do?

Music Council participates in a wide range of activities. We act as a link between the Music Department and the campus community; helping out with concerts, performances, auditions, and other departmental programs. We also organize programs of our own, ranging from impromptu movie nights to trips to Burlington or Montreal.

Can You Make SPACE?

Standing for Student Performers and Composers Engaged, SPACE is one of our favorite activities. SPACE is a concert organized and run by Music Council through SUNY Plattsburgh Late Night. All music presented that night is written, arranged, and performed entirely by students.

The purpose of SPACE is to give students an outlet for all their creative efforts in a warm and inviting coffee house setting. The SPACE program draws a crowd of over 100 students, which is almost twice the usual attendance for SUNY Plattsburgh Late Night.

Fun Stuff…

Music Council isn’t all about organizing and running events; it’s about having fun. We are so much more than a group; we are a family. We love to laugh and have a good time. And yes, we do pull the occasional prank-like the time we filled one of the professor's office with balloons for April Fools Day — but it's all in good fun.