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Photo of Timothy MorningstarTimothy Morningstar Honored for Excellence

Timothy Morningstar was selected to receive the 2008-2009 Teaching Excellence Award for Adjunct Faculty, which honors adjunct faculty who have demonstrated consistent, effective and outstanding teaching. “Tim Morningstar’s colleagues praise his service as a ‘caring, involved, supportive and dedicated teacher, who sets and maintains high standards for his students,’” said SUNY Plattsburgh President Dr. John Ettling. “...he is known on campus for the opportunities he creates – for student performances and for cultural activities benefiting both the campus and the community,” added Ettling.

Students in Morningstar’s applied voices classes say that he has a good understanding of the material, is enthusiastic about his subject, is responsive to and respectful of students and provides helpful feedback. The majority of students in his voice and music appreciation classes give similar responses. Letters from his students have praised Morningstar for his diligence, intelligence and creativity. Read more.

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