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Emily Mero, Senior

Emily hails from Willsboro, New York, and is a music major, with two minors in French and business. She’s been interested in music since the age of 9 after simultaneously taking lessons in piano and clarinet. Starting as a music minor, she switched to the major after a few classes and participating in multiple ensembles. As a member of the Cardinal Pickers, she puts her skills to good use, playing different venues around the North Country.

In her own words:

“In my opinion, the most effective element of the music curriculum at SUNY Plattsburgh is its flexibility to have room for so many of the other musical activities that are available! It’s not just about studying the technicals of music, but the opportunities to perform with your classmates, and even alone that help you become a better and more confident musician. I am able to perform with the symphonic band, clarinet choir, take clarinet lessons, and even have off-campus performances with the Bluegrass Club, which I am president of! There are so many aspects of music and Plattsburgh allows you to explore them all!”


Trevor White, Senior

Trevor White, from Hogansburg, New York, is pursuing a double major in music and sociology. As a nusic major, he specializes in woodwinds, taking lessons on flute, clarinet, and saxophone, as well as voice lessons. He's participated in several ensembles, both university sponsored and within the community. Trevor is scheduled to perform a Senior Recital in Spring of 2017, showcasing his skills as a musician.

In his own words:

“The faculty and staff of the SUNY Plattsburgh Department of Music take an active interest in their students, which is both admirable and beneficial to classroom instruction and experiential learning. Each professor is unique in their interactions with students, and to say that any one has been more important to me than the others would certainly be a disservice to the rest. Rather, I have come to appreciate the uniqueness of each, and strive to learn what I can from them while I’m here. To generalize, any question that I have posed thus far to any professor in the department has been thoroughly, thoughtfully, and exceptionally answered, and I’m grateful for that.”


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