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Janice Marchut Conrad

Lecturer of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate education and instruction should reflect the outcomes of current research and this information should move to the classroom as soon as possible. I teach research-oriented labs in an introductory biology course, Fall BIO101, where one of those sections is a core course in a General Education (GE4) learning community, Biology: The Chemistry of Life. I also teach a 15-credit undergraduate research course, BIO490*, that is unique within the SUNY system, and Experiments in Plant Physiology (BIO411L) a research-oriented laboratory that is taught in conjunction with the plant physiology lecture course. In upper level courses, I rely strictly on current peer reviewed primary literature as sources of information. I also require students enrolled in BIO101 to read current primary literature and encourage the use of textbooks as reference materials. Chlamydomonas reinhardtii is the unicellular organism used in my own research and is the research model used in BIO490.


  • B.A., University of New Hampshire
  • NSF Faculty Development Program, University of Pittsburgh, two CEU credits, 1998
  • Training Course in Plant Biochemistry, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University, Pullman WA. NSF/DOE/USDA funded, certificate awarded, 1999.

Teaching Areas

  • Fall BIO101: This course includes a learning community, oral expression course (BIO101LYE).
  • BIO411L: Experiments in Plant Physiology, a seminar format research course.
  • BIO490: 15-credit, 27 contact hour/week, research course requiring NEASPB presentations.
  • BIO387: Topics Course: Kinetoplastid Biology (fall 2006)


  • Marchut Conrad, J. and Conrad, PL. 2003. Clyde Coreil, ed. “Using Small Groups and Research Projects to Teach Science.” In Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner and New Methods in College Teaching. Pgs. 35-42. New Jersey City University Publication. Supported by NSF-ILI, DUE - 9650422
  • Marchut Conrad, J. and Conrad, PL. 1993. Small Groups and Research Projects in Science. College Teaching, 41(2): 43-46. Supported by NSF-ILI, DUE-8951007.

Teaching Recognition

  • Inclusion in the 9th (2005) and 8th (2004) editions of “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers”.
  • Carol Reiss. 2000. “Teaching Undergraduates to do Research” (BIO490* research course), ASPB News, The Newsletter of The American Society of Plant Biologists, Volume 27 (2), Rockville, MD.

Research Affiliations

  • Member, ASPB — Primarily Undergraduate Institution — List of Schools

Research Areas

  • Bioenergetics, photobiology, osmoregulation
  • Please See Undergraduate Research - Departmental Biological Science Programs

Contact Janice Marchut Conrad

Office: Beaumont Hall 314A
Phone: (518) 564-5272