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Doing Well in Your Online Studies

A Guide to E-Learning for SUNY Plattsburgh Students

Start with the Basics

1. Confirm and use your campus e-mail account. The College sends your e-mail address to you after you are admitted, and uses this channel for official communication with you. If you’re enrolled and do not have a campus e-mail address yet, contact the Helpdesk right away at (518) 564-4433. If you wish to forward campus e-mail to another account, you can do so by following the links in MyPlattsburgh.

2. Make sure your fees are paid. You’ll have full access to all services when the Student Accounts Office records your payment.

3. Check the College’s Academic Calendar regularly. It lists important dates and deadlines.

4. Follow your Degree Works Report closely so that you always know your progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements. Although you have an academic advisor to help you with meeting requirements, you are responsible for this task. You’ll also find it helpful to review the College’s Academic Policies.

5. Obtain your course materials, available through The College Store and commercial bookstores. Request your materials as early as possible in order to get them in time for class.

6. Use Feinberg Library early and often. The library provides services for residential students as well as distance learning students. When it’s time for information research, Feinberg is your campus resource. Here you’ll gain access to academic collections worldwide. Find online and full-text research articles, use the free Interlibrary Loan services, and access electronic reserves. Librarians will be glad to help you with research projects, in person or online.

Here are three services that are most frequently used by our online students:

Take an Attitude Reality Check

A sincere desire to learn is one of the most powerful qualities any student can possess. Successful online students also possess academic confidence. They practice self-discipline, work well independently, are honest, and are prepared to participate on a regular basis. Excellent time-management and information-management skills are important requirements for online learners.

Hone Your Skills

You’ll need basic computer and/or written communication skills to be successful in your online course. Online courses require as much time as attending classes and completing assignments for campus courses. The consequences for not completing an online course are the same as those for a traditional course.

Access Your Online Course

Moodle is SUNY Plattsburgh’s learning management system, the interface for your online courses. Learn more.

Get Your Equipment Set

You’ll need a personal computer connected to the Internet. We can help you to determine the right hardware and software that you need to begin online study.

Contact Information

For more information about online learning at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact us:

John Locke, TEL Coordinator
Online Learning Office

Phone: (518) 564-4537
Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address
Library & Information Technology Services
SUNY Plattsburgh
2 Draper Avenue
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Note: When communicating with us about online courses and programs, please provide as much information as possible, including your name, student status, and contact information. If you are interested in a specific course, please let us know the title and semester. We look forward to hearing from you!