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Mr. Ty Kretser prepares for an introductory physics lab in the newly renovated Hudson Hall.

Dr. Mike Walters and friends. The 3D printer in the Advanced Lab allows students to design and create parts for the Robotics course.

Laboratory Facilities

Plattsburgh State has just upgraded its physics teaching laboratories with the renovation of Hudson Hall. New, state of the art Introductory Physics Laboratory equipment coupled with all new networked computers allows physics, physics education and pre-engineering majors to better grasp the concepts which will be the building blocks of their careers.

An advanced physics laboratory in Beaumont Hall serves the needs of students in intermediate laboratory, electronics, and robotics courses, while a dedicated optics laboratory serves as both a lab for course work and research.

A new research laboratory in Hudson Hall along with a larger research lab in Beaumont allow students to to part in research activites under the guidance of faculty.


Northcountry Planetarium

Without a doubt the best planetarium among all of the SUNY comprehensive colleges. Courses taught in the planetarium better prepare you for your career as a teacher, or can be taken just for the joy of Astronomy as can only be taught in a high quality planetarium.

Interested students can also work with Ms. Lisabeth Kissner and learn to help with the development and presentation of Planetarium shows for school groups and the general public. Read about Alia Davis's experience working with Glenn Myer at the planetarium.

The newly renovated and upgraded Northcountry Planetarium is now open.


Students using wood working power tools take a safety training course prior to working in the workshop.

Physics/Pre-Engineering Club Workshop

The workshop provides space and tools for members of the Physics/Pre-Engineering Club to work on projects which include the annual design and build of a trebuchet, the electric car project and the solar-powered electric bike. (For more information on these projects see the Physics Club page).


Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about physics at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Thomas H. Wolosz, Chairperson
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Phone: (518) 564-4031
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Email: [email protected]

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