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Astronomy Laboratory Support

The Northcountry Planetarium at SUNY Plattsburgh is committed to promoting and providing quality astronomy and space science education for our students enrolled in astronomy courses. Our ZKP3/B Skymaster optical-mechanical planetarium projector offers our astronomy students the unique opportunity to observe over 7,000 individual stars through 6.3 magnitude as well as 25 deep space objects such as nebula, star clusters and galaxies.

In addition, the ZKP3/C can simulate the sky as seen from any point on Earth at any time within a few thousand years of the present. All apparent celestial motions in the sky, including those of solar system objects are represented along with constellations overlays and reference grids, scales and lines needed for accurate positional measurements during educational experiences.

Please remember we are planetarium, not an observatory. Our ceiling does not open to reveal the actual night sky to be observed with a telescope; rather our dome shaped ceiling remains closed and acts as a hemispherical projection screen for the planetarium projector to accurately simulate the celestial phenomena of night sky as well as their locations and natural motions.

Planetarium Training/Student Docent Corp

The Northcountry Planetarium is committed to training the next generation of planetarian (a unique, and long established 50-year tradition of our educational planetarium), one with the skills to operate a contemporary hybrid planetarium system with digital multi-media technology. To further this commitment, we offer several service opportunities that contribute to general office operation, show production, mechanical maintenance and the development original art and show materials. These opportunities include; temporary service (10–20 hour/week paid employment), internship (3 to 6 credits in a variety of academic areas), and independent study (4–8 credits in either AST 299: Intro to Planetarium Operation and AST 399: Intro to Planetarium Production).

Alternative Campus Experiences

As the Northcountry Planetarium is committed to promoting astronomy and space science awareness, we regularly host special presentations for a wide variety of campus groups and visiting guests. In past semesters, our visitors have included; student dormitory groups, special interest clubs and organizations, greek and honor societies, non-astronomy classes, visitors attending orientation and admission tours, and various guests of administration.

Open House & Family Weekend

The Northcountry Planetarium annually invites the visiting families of our campus students to attend one of several presentations offered over the course of September’s Family Weekend. Please be aware that seating is limited and tickets must be obtained through the Center for Student Involvement, (518) 564-4830.

Homecoming Weekend

The Northcountry Planetarium annually invites visiting alumni and their families to attend one of several presentations offered over the course of October’s Homecoming Weekend. Please be aware that seating is limited and tickets must be obtained through the Office of Alumni Relations, (518) 564-2090.

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To learn more about the Northcountry Planetarium at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Northcountry Planetarium
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