Pre-Health Professions Advisement

Photo of Dr. Don Slish advising a studentPlan for a Career in Health

Pre-health profession advisement is provided by the Pre-Health Advisory Committee. The committee offers advisement for students interested in medical, dental, veterinary, optometry, and other post-graduate professional schools, as well as graduate schools.

Gaining admission to these schools can be a complicated process. One role of the PHPAC at Plattsburgh is to help students decide whether this is the career choice that they would like to make and help to prepare them for the challenge. This is done through discussions with the student and by making available up-to-date literature on post-graduate schools.

Getting into Post-Graduate School

Another role of the committee is to advise the students on which classes will best prepare them for post-graduate school. There is no specific pre-medicine major at Plattsburgh — a specific pre-medical concentration is not a requirement for medical school or most other pre-professional schools. A student in any major can be a candidate for admission. However, there are certain core science requirements for each discipline, and the PHPAC will advise the student of these requirements.

Finally, the committee performs an evaluation of the student's school record and writes a formal letter of recommendation to the schools of qualified applicants. All schools will require you to have this letter in your application — it is a very important part of the application process. To learn more about this letter, please see the section on PHPAC Recommendation Letter Application.

Most of our graduates are accepted in post-graduate professional schools.

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Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

For more information about pre-health professions advisement at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Donald Slish
Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee Chairperson
Office: Hudson Hall 325
Phone: (518) 564-5160
Email: [email protected]