Physician's Assistant Programs Information

Most questions about physician’s assistants are answered on the web site for the American Academy of Physician’s Assistants (AAPA).

Q: How long is the average PA program?

A: The average course is approximately 24 to 26 months, post-baccalaureate.

Q: What are the undergrad requirements for admission to a PA program?

A: Most programs require a bachelor’s degree and some experience in a health field. Many require as much as 100 hours of service in a medical field before you can apply.

Q: Is there a “bridge” from PA to MD if you want to go on?

A: I couldn’t find any information on this, but there’s no reason that you couldn’t go to medical school after working as a PA. You may also find that being a PA is fulfilling enough and decide not to go further.

Q: How many programs are there in US?

A: There are 130 accredited programs in the U.S. Here is a web page with links to these programs:

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