PHPAC Roles and Procedures for Getting into Medical School

This is the basic information about the role of the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (Pre-PHAC) and the usual procedures involved in applying to medical school.

  1. The role of the committee is to review the contents of your Pre-PHAC file and make a recommendation to the schools to which you apply. You can get the forms for this file from Janet Manor in the Biology Department office (second floor Beaumont). It’s good to get this early (freshman year is not too soon) and read it over — get started early so that you will know what is expected of you and won't have to rush to get things together at the last minute.
  2. The basic course requirements of most medical schools are:
    • General Biology (BIO101 & 102) 8 Credits including lab
    • General Chemistry (CHE111 & 112) 8 Credits including lab
    • Organic Chemistry (CHE 241 & 242) 8 Credits including lab
    • Physics (PHY111 & 112) 8 Credits including lab
    The requirements for veterinary, optometry and many other health-related schools are similar, but you should check out the schools you are interested in to make sure. If you are a freshman Biology major, note that you’ll need the lab with both BIO101 and BIO102, although this isn't a requirement for graduation. Most schools require six credits of English and AP credits don’t count (for English or the science courses). Some schools also require calculus, but not many. You should look up the specific requirements for the schools you plan to attend to in the Career Services Center.
  3. You can find the specific requirements and the average GPAs and MCAT scores of students accepted at any one of the medical schools, dental schools, PA schools and some other schools in the U.S. in books that are on reserve in the Career Services Center (Kehoe, second floor). They also have a number of other books, practice tests, videos, and other materials there that you should check out.
  4. I regularly get brochures from Medical and Graduate schools and I put them in the rack in the reading room across the hall from the Biology Department office. You can scan these to get an idea of what schools are out there, although the best schools don’t advertise so you should write or call them for information.
  5. MCAT exams are usually given in April and August. Deadlines for application are usually about 1 month before the test. I have applications for the exams and they are also in the Biology office (2nd floor Beaumont). The Pre-PHAC needs MCAT scores before we can write a letter of recommendation. You should plan to take the MCAT or other entry tests more than once to get your best score.
  6. You should set up an appointment to see me sometime before your senior year to make sure that you’re on track.

If you have any questions about the committee that I haven't answered, or you would like to be on the Pre-Med mailing list please email me. If you'd like to stop by and talk, I’m in Beaumont 304B (in the back of the 304 lab). Email ahead to make sure that I’ll be there.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

For more information about pre-health professions advisement at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

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