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Career Possibilities for Psychology Students

According to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 96% of respondents were employed and/or in graduate school following receipt of a baccalaureate degree in psychology. Similar surveys (see indicate that about 25% of baccalaureate recipients go on to post-graduate work within two years. Employment status of doctoral degree recipients depends upon their degree field (see

Area Sample jobs with a B.A. Sample jobs with a Master's Sample jobs with a Doctorate
Education Child Care Worker, College Admissions Recruiter/Counselor, Teacher's Aid School Psychologist, School Counselor, School Social Worker School Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, College Professor
Mental health, social services, counseling Behavior Analyst, Employment Counselor, Family Service Worker, Youth Counselor, Case Worker, Social Worker, Group Home Worker, Probation Officer, Admissions Counselor, Child Care Worker, Alumni Affairs Coordinator, Camp Director, Residence Hall Director Health Psychologist, Sports Psychologist, Agency and Community Counselor, Clinical Social Worker, Forensic Psychologist Clinical Psychologist, Private Practitioner, Forensic Psychologist
Basic and applied research Statistical Assistant, Technical Writer, Research Associate, Marketing Research, Polling Organizations, Research Analyst Statistical Consultant, Research Associate, Research Analyst Director of Research, Consultant, Marketing Research Director
Business and industry Employee Counselor, Staff Trainer, Manager, Marketing Representative, Loan Officer, Public Relations, Personnel Administrator, Customer Relations, Admissions Recruiter, Advertising, Industrial Relations Specialist, Claims Specialist, Insurance Agent Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Human Factors/Engineering Psychologist, Business Administrator Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Human Factors/Engineering Psychologist

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