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Recent Psychology Faculty Publications

Dr. Renee Bator

Webster, G.D., DeWall, C N., Pond, R.S., Jr., Deckman, T., Jonason, P.K., Le, B.M., Nichols, A.L., Schember, T.O., Crysel, L.C., Crosier, B.S., Smith, C.V., Paddock, E.L., Nezlek, J.B., Kirkpatrick, L.A., Bator, R.J., & Bryan, A.D. (2014). The brief aggression questionnaire: Psychometric and behavioral evidence for an efficient measure of trait aggression. Aggressive Behavior, 40(2), 120-139.

Bator, R.J., Tabanico, J.J., Walton, M.L., & Schultz, P.W. (2013). Promoting energy conservation with implied norms and explicit messages. Social Influence. DOI:10.1080/15534510.2013.778213

Schultz, P.W., Bator, R.J., Large, L.B., Bruni, C.M., Tabanico, J.T., (2013). Littering in context: Personal and
environmental predictors of littering behavior. Environment and Behavior, 45(1), 35-59.

Bator, R.J., Bryan, A., & Schultz, P.W. (2011). Who gives a hoot? Intercept surveys of litterers and disposers. Environment and Behavior, 43(3), 295-315.

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Dr. Wendy Braje

Braje, W.L. (2013) Test Bank, Web quizzes, and Clicker questions to accompany Gluck, Mercado, & Myers’s Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior. New York, NY: Worth Publishers.

Krause, M.A. & Braje, W.L. (2008) Instructor’s Resource Manual and Test Bank to accompany Gluck, Mercado, & Myers’s Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior. New York, NY: Worth Publishers.

Braje, W.L. (2008) Web quizzes to accompany Gluck, Mercado, and Myers’s Learning and Memory: From Brain to Behavior. New York, NY: Worth Publishers.

Braje, W.L. (2003) Illumination effects in face recognition: Effect of position shift.Journal of Vision, 3(2), 161-170,, DOI 10.1167/3.2.4.

View Dr. Braje’s complete publication list.

Dr. Gary Brannigan

Brannigan, G.G. (2009). Bender Visual-Motor Gestalt Test. In I.B. Weiner & W.E. Craighead (Eds.), Corsini’s encyclopedia of psychology (4th ed.) New York: Wiley (in press).

Margolis, H., & Brannigan, G.G. (2009). Reading disabilities:Beating the odds. Voorhees, NJ: Reading2008 & Beyond

Brannigan, G.G. (2008). Learning to cope with stress. Strategies for Successful Learning, 2 (1), in press. Available from Learning Disabilities Worldwide, web site: http.//

Brannigan, G.G. (2008). Learning to cope with academic demands. Strategies for Successful Learning, 1 (5). Available from Learning Disabilities Worldwide, web site: http.//

View Dr. Brannigan’s complete publication list.

Dr. Katherine Dunham

Dunham, K. T. (2004). Young adults' support strategies when peers disclose suicidal intent. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 34 (1), 56-65.

Ryan, J.P., Atkinson, T.M., & Dunham, K.T. (2004). Sports-related and gender differences on neuropsychological measures of frontal lobe functioning. Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, 14 (1), 18-24.

Ames, L. J., & Dunham, K. T. (2002). Asymptotic justice: Probation as a criminal justice response to intimate partner violence. Violence Against Women, 8, 6-34.

Weaver, S., & Dunham, K. (2002). Predictors of a new typology of youth violence. Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research, 7, 3-12.

View Dr. Dunham’s complete publication list.

Dr. Patricia Egan

Egan, P., Luce, S.C., & Hall, R.V. (1988). Use of a concurrent treatment design to analyze the effects of a peer review system used in a residential setting. Behavior Modification, 12, 35-56.

Luiselli, J., Wolongevicz, J., Egan, P., Amirault, D., Sciaraffa, N., & Treml, T. (1999). The family support program: Description of a preventive community-based behavioral intervention for children with pervasive developmental disorders. Child & Behavior Therapy, 21, 1-18.

Dr. William Gaeddert

Gaeddert, W. (2011). Equal Compensation Discrimination. In M. Paludi, C. Paludi, & E. DeSouza (Eds.) Praeger Handbook on Understanding and Preventing Workplace Discrimination: Volume 1-Legal, Management and Social Science Perspectives. (pp. 45-61). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.

Gaeddert, W.P. (2005). Gender, Justice, and Social Change. In M. Paludi (Ed.) Praeger Guide to the Psychology of Gender. (pp. 207-218). Westport, CT: Praeger.

Dodge Reyome, N., & Gaeddert, W. (1998). Teachers' awareness of child and adolescent maltreatment. Child Study Journal, 28, 111-122.

McCormick, N., Gaeddert, W., Nadeau, R., Provost, J., & Sabo, A. (1996). Campus safety at a four-year college: Part II. Relationships between Public Safety Officers and students. Campus Law Enforcement Journal, 26, 17-22.

View Dr. Gaeddert’s complete publication list.

Dr. Jeremy Grabbe

Grabbe, J. W. (in press) Implications of experimental versus quasi-experimental designs. In The Palgrave Handbook of Research Design in Business and Management. Palgrave Press.

Grabbe, J. W. (2014) Effects of targets embedded within words in a visual search task. Advances in Cognitive Psychology, 10, 1-8.

Grabbe, J. W., & Allen, P.A. (2013). Age-related sparing of parafoveal lexical processing. Experimental Aging Research, 39, 419-444.

Grabbe, J. W., Cioffi, T., Zauner, L. T., Driscoll, K. T., & Ford, S. T. (2013). Effects of competing lexical distracters in a visual search task. Current Research in Psychology, 4(2), 16-19.

View Dr. Grabbe’s complete publication list.

Dr. J. Stephen Mansfield

Chung, S. T. L. & Mansfield, J. S. (2009). Contrast polarity differences reduce crowding but do not benefit reading performance in peripheral vision. Vision Research, 49, 2782–2789.

Mansfield, J. S., & Legge, G. E. (2008). Reliability Testing of the Dutch Version of the Radner Reading Charts. Optometry and Vision Science, 85, 1201–1202.

Mansfield, J. S., & Legge, G. E. (2007). The MNREAD Acuity Chart. in Legge, G. E. "The Psychophysics of Reading in Normal and Low Vision", Mahwah, NJ & London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. ISBN 0-8058-4328-0.

Mansfield, J. S., & Legge, G. E. (2007). Print size definitions and conversions. in Legge, G. E. “The Psychophysics of Reading in Normal and Low Vision”, Mahwah, NJ & London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. ISBN 0-8058-4328-0.

View Dr. Mansfield’s complete publication list.

Dr. Michael Morales

Lewandowsky, S., Stritzke, W.G.K., Oberauer, K., Morales, M. (2009). Misinformation and the ‘war on terror’: When memory turns fiction into fact. In Strizke, Lewandowsky, Denemark, Morgan, & Claire, Terrorism and Torture: An Interdisciplinary Perspective. Cambridge University Press.

Morales, M., Mundy, P., Crowson, M.M., Neal, A.R., & Delgado, C.E.F. (2005). Individual differences in infant attention skills, joint attention and emotion regulation behavior. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 29, 259-263.

Lewandowsky, S, Stritzke, W, Oberauer, K, & Morales, M. (2005). Memory for fact, fiction, and misinformation: The Iraq war 2003. Psychological Science, 16, 190-195.

Marcus, J., Mundy, P., Morales, M., Delgado, C., & Yale, M. (2000). Individual differences in infant skills as predictors of child-care giver joint attention and language. Social Development, 9, 302-315.

Morales, M, Mundy, P., Delgado, C., Yale, M., Neal, R., & Schwartz, H.K. (2000). Gaze following, temperament, and language development in 6-month-olds: A replication and extension. Infant Behavior and Development, 23, 231-236.

View Dr. Morales’s complete publication list.

Dr. Jessica Paxton

Paxton, J., & Chiaravalloti, N. (2014). Rule Monitoring Ability Predicts Event-Based Prospective Memory Performance in Individuals with TBI. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society: 20, 1-11.

Vassileva, J., Paxton, J., Moeller, F. G., Wilson, M. J., Bozgunov, K., Martin, E. M., ... & Vasilev, G. (2014). Heroin and amphetamine users display opposite relationships between trait and neurobehavioral dimensions of impulsivity. Addictive behaviors, 39, 652-659.

Sumowski, J. F., Leavitt, V. M., Cohen, A., Paxton, J., Chiaravalloti, N. D., & DeLuca, J. (2013). Retrieval practice is a robust memory aid for memory-impaired patients with MS. Multiple Sclerosis Journal, 19, 1943- 1946.

Sumowski, J. F., Chiaravalloti, N., Krch, D., Paxton, J., & DeLuca, J. (2013). Education attenuates the negative impact of traumatic brain injury on cognitive status. Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation, 94(12), 2562-2564.

View Dr. Paxton’s complete publication list.

Dr. Dale Phillips

Phillips, D., Schwean, V., & Saklofske, D. (1997) Treatment Effect of a School Based Cognitive-Behavioral Program for Aggressive Children. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 13, 60-68.

Dr. Jeanne Ryan

Woods, A. G., Mahdavi, E., Ryan, J. P. (2013). Treating clients with Asperger’s syndrome and autism. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, 7:32 doi:10.1186/1753-2000-7-32 (in press).

Woods, A.G., Wetie, A.G., Sokolowska, I., Russell, S., Ryan, J.P., Michel, T.M., Johannes, T, & Darie, C. (2013). Mass spectrometry as a tool for studying autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Molecular Psychiatry,1:6.

Atkinson, T. M., Ryan, J. P., Lent, Kryza, M. & Charette, L. M. (2011). Using versions of the Trail Making Test as alternate forms. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 25(7), 1193-1206.

Atkinson, T. M., Ryan, J. P., Lent, A., Wallis, A., Schacter, H., & Coder, R. (2010). Three trail making tests for use in neuropsychological assessment with brief intertest intervals. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 32(2), 151-158.

View Dr. Ryan’s complete publication list.

Dr. Edward Sturman

Shanmugasegaram, S., Flett, G. L., Madan, M., Oh, P., Marzolini, S., Reitav, J., Hewitt, P. L., & Sturman, E. D. (2014). Perfectionism, Type D personality, and illness-related coping styles in cardiac rehabilitation patients. Journal of Health Psychology, 19 (3), 417-426.

Cohen, R.J., Swerdlik, M.E., & Sturman, E.D. (2013). Psychological testing and assessment: An introduction to tests & measurement, 8th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Sloman, L., & Sturman, E.D. (2012). The impact of winning and losing on family interactions: A biological approach to family therapy. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 57 (10), 643-648.

Sturman. E.D. (2012). The Evolution of the sexless, loveless, action hero in modern film. The Evolutionary Review, 3 (1).

View Dr. Sturman’s complete publication list.

Dr. William Tooke

Schmitt, D.P., Tooke, W., et al. (2007). The geographic distribution of big five personality traits: Patterns and profiles of human self-description across 56 nations. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.38, 173-21.

Schmitt, D.P., Tooke, W., et al. (2004). Patterns and universals of mate poaching across 53 nations: The effects of sex, culture, and personality on romantically attracting another person’s partner. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 86(4), 560-585.

Schmitt, D.P., Tooke, W., et al. (2004). Patterns and universals of adult romantic attachment across 62 cultural regions: Are models of self and of other pancultural constructs? Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 35(4), 367-402.

Schmitt, D.P., Tooke, W., et al. (2003). Universal sex differences in desire for sexual variety: Tests from 52 nations, 6 continents, and 13 islands. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

View Dr. Tooke’s complete publication list.