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Graduate Program Requirements

The graduate program curriculum requirements are composed of five primary areas: academic coursework, practica, the Praxis, the thesis, and the internship.

Academic coursework combines a careful balance of content knowledge and application of knowledge in the field. Students take core courses in psychology and education that cover content in areas relevant to school psychology. Concurrently, students use the core knowledge in the practicum, which is tailored to fit the current skills each student possesses.

From these experiences, the student will have assembled a portfolio of projects undertaken which demonstrates competency in content application. The internship is the culminating experience for the student. Under site and university-based supervision, the student continues to develop skills as a competent school psychologist.

School Psychology M.A./C.A.S. program students are required to receive a passing score on the Praxis School Psychologist Test administered by the Educational Testing Service.

Throughout the three years in the program, the student will develop expertise in various areas, which stimulate the formation and completion of the thesis project.

Overview of coursework

The table below shows the typical program of study. Specific course descriptions can be found in the college catalog.

Semester One

Psy 509 Foundations of School Psy. 3 credits
Psy 516 Advanced Child Development 3 credits
Psy 544 Intellectual Assessment 3 credits
Psy 553 Information Technology Lab 1 credit
Psy 597 School Psych Practicum 2 credits
Psy 550 Consultation and Intervention I 3 credits
total   15 credits

Semester Two

Psy 501 Psychometrics 3 credits
Psy 520 Learning and Cognition 3 credits
Psy 545 Assessment Issues in School Psychology 3 credits
Psy 551 Consultation & Intervention II 3 credits
Psy 552  Counseling and Crisis Intervention 3 credits
Psy 597 School Psych Practicum 2 credits
total   17 credits

Semester Three

Psy 543 Learning Disabilities 3 credits
Psy 546 Special Populations and School Psychology 3 credits
Psy 503 Academic Interventions 3 credits
Psy 581 Research Design 3 credits
Psy 597 School Psych Practicum 2 credits
total   14 credits

Semester Four

Elective   3 credits
Psy 531 Neuropsychology 3 credits
Psy 554 Advanced Counseling & Crisis Intervention 3 credits
Psy 589 Advanced School Psychology Practicum 3 credits
total   12 credits

Semester Five

Psy 504 Master’s Thesis 3 credits
Psy 590 Internship 3 credits
  (Minimum Total Hours Logged = 400)  
total   6 credits

Semester Six

Psy 504 Master’s Thesis IP
Psy 590 Internship 6 credits
  (Minimum Total Hours Logged = 800)  
Total Credit Hours   70

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