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Psychology Senior Exam (PSY 408)

What is it?

All psychology majors must pass the Senior Exam in order to graduate. The Psychology Department uses the exam to assess how well students are learning and retaining the material being taught.

The exam is a 80-question multiple choice test, covering material from the courses listed below. You must have completed (or be currently taking) these classes before you can take the senior exam.

  • PSY 205 — Experimental Design
  • PSY 206 — Psychological Statistics
  • PSY 311 — Developmental Psychology
  • PSY 321 — Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 331 — Biopsychology
  • PSY 340 — Personality
  • PSY 361 — Social Psychology
  • PSY 409 — History and Modern Systems

When is it?

The exam is held toward the end of each semester. You can find the specific date and time on the master schedule. You have 2 hours to complete the exam. Please be sure to arrive a little early and bring your Plattsburgh State student ID card with you.

How well do I have to do on it?

You will be awarded a letter grade based on your performance on the exam. A passing grade is a D. You need to get 40% correct on the exam to pass. The letter grade will appear on your transcript but will not be used in the calculation of your GPA.

How should I study for it?

The best way to study is to review your books and notes from the classes listed above. The questions are written by the psychology faculty who teach these courses. So it is best to hang on to your course materials after you've completed a class. You can also review a good Introductory Psychology textbook.

What if I forgot to register for it?

Unless it is your final semester, you will need to remember to register for it the following semester. If it is your final semester, you should contact the person administering the exam as soon as possible (the person can be found by checking on the schedule on Banner). Please make every effort to register for the exam for the semester that you need it.

Can I retake it if I don’t pass?

Yes. You can take the exam 3 times. If it is not your last semester at Plattsburgh, you can simply register to take the exam again the following semester. If it is your last semester, you should contact the faculty member who administers the exam that semester to arrange to retake it during the same semester.

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