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Student Research

Students in our program have numerous opportunities to collaborate with faculty on research projects. These projects often lead to publications and/or presentations at regional and national conferences. Below is a listing of recent faculty/student presentations/publications (student names are in bold).

Regional and national presentations and publications

Alexander, E. & Braje, W.L. (2017, May). Knowledge and experiences of people with synesthesia. Poster presented at the Annual Conference of the Association for Psychological Science, Boston, MA.

Braje, W.L. & Schrantz, M. (2016, May). Synesthesia: Familiarity and Misconceptions. Poster presented at the 28th Annual Conference of the Association for Psychological Science, Chicago.

Bremser, J., Chantel, C., & Sturman, E.D. (2016, March). Adult weight variability is associated with disordered eating. Poster presented at European Psychological Association Meeting, New York, NY.

Lemieux, E., Stimmel, J., Paxton, J. (2016, March). Dispositional Mindfulness and Prospective Memory in College Students. Poster presented at Launching SUNY Initiatives on Mindfulness & Health, Buffalo, NY.

Mansfield, J.S., & West, T. (2017, May). Can we use lexical knowledge to help identify words when letter recognition is difficult? Poster presented at the Annual Conference of the Association for Psychological Science, Boston, MA.

Mansfield, J.S., & Lewis, A.M. (2017, May). Computer-generated MNREAD sentences for measuring acuity and reading-speed: A comparison of Times and Courier. Poster presented at the Annual Conference of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Baltimore, MD.

Paxton, J., Chiaravalloti, N., Jividen, G., Wylie. G. (2016, February). Executive Control and memory acquisition in traumatic brain injury. Poster presented at International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

Sturman, E.D., Chantel, C., Dufford, A., & Bremser, J. (2016, June). The role of gender and mating preference on climate change attitudes. Paper presented at the Tenth Annual Conference of the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society, Halifax, NS.

Sigma Xi presentations at SUNY Plattsburgh

Alexander, E., Prutsman, L., Coomey, K., & Brighenti, J. (2017, April). The pratfall effect revisited: Participants’ judgments of a nearly perfect target person are enhanced if a blunder is disclosed.

Alexander, E., & Weaver, S., & Kaleta, M. (2016, April). Firm messages regarding healthy eating: A test of reactance.

Brabant, Q. & Lainez, R. (2016, April). Retroactive effects of pictures on prospective memory.

Chomicz, E. & Dwomoh, M. (2016, April). Decline in frontal lobe symptoms following injury relates to neuropsychological and psychological functioning in traumatic brain injury.

Jividen, G. (2016, April) Fatigue-related stimuli in an n-back task.

Kaleta, M., Weaver, S., & Alexander, E. (2016, April). Rigid instructions regarding assignment due dates: A test of reactance.

Lainez, R. & Brabant, Q. (2016, April). Are ratings of importance and memory for instructions dependent on the person providing instructions?

Lemieux, E., Stimmel, J., Rosario, D. (2016, April). Dispositional mindfulness and prospective memory in college students.

West, T. (2017, April). Can fonts affect the meanings of words?

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