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Article Submissions


Instructions to Authors

Failure to follow the instructions to authors may lead to return of the manuscript for re-formatting, delay in the review process or the rejection of the manuscript.

Manuscripts may be submitted at any time to the Editor. Submitted manuscripts must include a cover letter stating the extent to which data, text or illustrations have been used in existing or forthcoming papers or books. An electronic version must be submitted along with four hard copies. The electronic version must be in MS Word (PC version) format.

Format Requirements

The format for manuscripts follows standard scientific journals. Number all pages and assemble separately using the following sequence: title page, abstract and key words, text (e.g., Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion), literature cited, appendices, tables, figure legends, figures. Section subheadings will be allowed where necessary. Graphical material (e.g. figures) is preferable over tables whenever possible. Submitted manuscripts must contain figures and graphs incorporated into the electronic version (e.g., high resolution image of figure placed in the word processor file located at the end of the sequence of materials with a separate figure legend below each figure). Journal instructions from your particular discipline are also useful resources (the Ecological Society of America, Geological Society of America, Bioscience, etc…).

Specific Format Requirements

The entire manuscript must be double-spaced, including tables and figure legends, and must be printed on single-sided pages using at least a 12-point font. Please use 1 inch (2.5 cm) margins on all sides of each page. The first page of the manuscript should be a title page that includes institutional affiliation(s) and complete addresses for all authors. The title page should not be numbered. A 250 word (maximum) abstract and list of key words (which may include brief phrases) should follow the title page. Pages should be numbered starting with one (1) beginning with the abstract. Articles submitted should not exceed 25 manuscript pages in length (about 4000 words), including the title page, abstract, tables, figures, and legends. Consult with the Editor-in-Chief if deviation from this is required. Use the International System of Units (SI) for all measurements.

Citation Format

Citations should be complete and provide the entire journal name without abbreviations. In-text citations are made in either of two common ways:

a) Direct quotation: Hall et al. (2001) found that "Macroinvertebrate production …was supported largely by detrital inputs”. or

b) Paraphrasing: Recent research on two small Northeastern U.S. streams suggests that the trophic basis of macroinvertebrate production was primarily detrital inputs (Hall et al. 2001).

Citations should be ordered alphabetically by first author in the "Literature Cited" section, double spaced and use a 0.5 inch hanging indent starting with the second line. Use the following format for the literature cited: Author, year, title, journal (or publisher if a book), volume(issue):page numbers.

For example:

Journal citation:

Hall, R.O., G.E. Likens, and H. M. Malcolm. 2001. Trophic basis of invertebrate production in 2 streams at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 20(3):432-447.

Book or book chapter citation:

Hildrew, A. G. 1992. Food web and species interactions. Chapter 14 (pages 309-330) in P. Calow and G. Petts (eds.), The Rivers Handbook: Volume 1, Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Internet source citation: (website citations are acceptable only with Editor's permission and review)

Publication and Review Process:

The Journal is published electronically. For the review process authors are required to submit the electronic version and four hard copies to the Editor-in-Chief. Upon acceptance in the Journal, students will be asked to supply a final digital version of their manuscript in MS Word format via email or computer disk (PC-format).

Final Check:


____ Cover letter explaining any duplication and providing author contact information.

____ 2 copies of manuscript and a disk.

____ Conformity with instructions.

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