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Learn it all and gain experience employers value.

Imagine interning at the Supreme Court or the State Department, conducting original research in sociology or anthropology or lobbying on behalf of women’s issues.

Practical experience is a major reason many social science students attend SUNY Plattsburgh.

Join an archaeology project. Attend the Model General Assembly of the Organization of American States. Complete a Canadian studies internship in Quebec. One student studied gender and Jell-O advertising. Another explored smuggling on Lake Champlain. Name an option. It’s here for you.

Faculty members include experts on elections, the death penalty, police accountability, urban gangs, brain function, learning disabilities and more. They know the importance of research and often bring their own investigations directly into our small classrooms, using students as follow researchers. Many even offer students the chance to present this work at national conferences.

Such experiences can translate to amazing careers. One alumnus is a security manager for the CIA. Others work for Border Patrol and the U.S. Customs Service. Many psychology and sociology alumni serve at crisis centers, clinics and Native American organizations. Still others become authors, journalists, educators, activists, corporate presidents and financial experts. And one-third of our political science majors go to law school (thanks, in part, to the college’s pre-law advisement committee).

Talk about a practical degree? SUNY Plattsburgh’s social science degrees can take you anywhere.




Photo of Kara Carpenter talking about her role in the study

Erin Burdick, an English and political science major, saw this project as a way to combine English and science. She investigated which memories were more vivid to the patients — memories of work or memories of play — and whether the patients responded better to stories or photos.


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If you have any questions about social sciences programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact

Dr. Andrew Buckser, Dean of School of Arts & Science
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