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Minor in Theatre

Our Theatre Minor Allows You To:

  • Develop public speaking, cooperation, and quick-thinking skills that apply to careers outside of those within the realm of theatre.
  • Pursue majors in other programs including but not limited to finance, communications, writing, and mass media in pursuit of a satisfactory life in the business side of theatre (or television and film) as a box office manager, publicity director, producer, agent, or casting director.

Theatre Minor (18 credits)

For those students who are interested in theatre as a complement to another field of study, the theatre minor offers an opportunity to build a knowledge and skills base in various aspects of theatre including performance, costume design, and technical areas such as lighting or set design. Students can choose from a variety of courses such as Stagecraft, Playwriting, Scene Study, Directing the Play, Masks and Makeup, and a host of others. They can gain practical and hands-on experience through participating in our various departmental main stage and College Theatre Association productions.

Benefits of the Minor in Theatre

Students selecting this minor can expand their employment opportunities both within and outside of the sphere of theatre professions. In addition to preparing students for careers that are directly related to theatre, this minor affords opportunities to expand creative, time management, and “people” skills that are sure to prove useful in virtually any professional area.

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