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Admissions Ambassadors for Transfer Students

Corinna Collins

Photo of Corrina CollinsHometown: Stillwater, NY
Major: Undecided
Year: Sophomore
Campus Activities: Intramural soccer, LGBTA+ club, WQKE radio station.

Most influential person you have met at SUNY Plattsburgh so far and why? My public speaking professor Tracy Guynup. His class doesn't just cover the material, he goes above and beyond to explain real life current events and situations we may find ourselves in here at school. It's been a huge help and he has taught me some really good coping mechanisms for when I get social anxiety.

Your favorite experience at SUNY Plattsburgh and why? Zumba classes! Its judgement free, loads of fun and a great workout!

Favorite spot on campus and why? The bike path behind Memorial Hall. It's my favorite spot because I find it very relaxing to just sit in the grass, talk with friends, enjoy the outdoors and watch the river.

Email: [email protected]


Jennifer Finn

Photo ofJennifer FinnHometown: Clifton Park, NY
Major: Biology
Year: Junior
Campus Activities:  Biology club, Volunteer at CVPH medical center, Note taker for Student Support Services, Spanish club..

Most influential person you have met at SUNY Plattsburgh so far and why? The advisors at SUNY Plattsburgh are amazing and have really pushed me to take challenging classes. My advisor, Dr. Joel Parker, has been a huge help during my time here. Dr. Parker takes his time with students during his advisement sessions and makes sure that you are taking classes that will apply to your desired field. He goes out of his way to make sure that you are on the right track for graduation and post-graduation plans. Not only is he an excellent advisor but his award winning research in genetics is fascinating.

Your favorite experience at SUNY Plattsburgh and why? Transfer Student Orientation was one of my favorite experiences. I was just so excited to attend Plattsburgh and to be on campus. On top of that, I met some of my best friends during orientation.

Favorite spot on campus and why? My favorite campus spot would have to be Einstein's. Not only do they have great food and coffee, but it has a real coffeehouse feel to it. I love that I can sit down and study or meet up with friends for a meal, it's really the best of both worlds.

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Samantha Neves

Photo of Sanaira MondegarianHometown: Valhalla, NY (Westchester)
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminal Justice
Year: Junior
Campus Activities: I attend Greek Life events, I am a Teacher's Assistant, I attend some of the plays and musicals on campus, I work out regularly, and I like to explore the area and all it has to offer on my free time.

Most influential person you have met at SUNY Plattsburgh so far and why? Doctor Jessica Paxton. She has not only taught me a tremendous amount of information about Neuropsychology, which I thought I originally would hate and have grown to love, but also has guided me and recommended many amazing opportunities, like being an admissions ambassador, help with attaining an internship, opportunities to get involved with research, and much more.

Your favorite experience at SUNY Plattsburgh and why? My favorite experience at SUNY Plattsburgh would have to be Delta Sigma Phi's chartering banquet. This was one of the greatest nights I have had on this campus because it reminded me of the greatness each individual has to offer as well as how rewarding it is when one's hard work and dedication pays.

Email: [email protected]


Zoe Tyler

Photo of Zoe TylerHometown: Saranac Lake, NY
Major: B.A. Graphic Design
Year: Senior, Transfer Student
Campus Activities: Plattsburgh Ski and Snowboard, Plattsburgh Association of the Visual Arts (PAVA), Environmental Action Committee (EAC), International Student Orientation Van Driver.

Most influential person you have met at SUNY Plattsburgh so far and why? Jackie Girard Vogl, the Assistant Vice President of International Enrollment Management has been transformational in my SUNY Plattsburgh experience. I met Jackie while working over the summer in the Global Education Office. The first day we spent working together, Jackie spent time getting to know me, along with my educational and life passions.  I am not an international student, and I have yet to study aboard with SUNY Plattsburgh however Jackie was no less excited about me, as a student and as a person. Jackie showed me and continues to show me that the faculty and staff here at SUNY Plattsburgh truly care about their students.

Favorite experience at SUNY Plattsburgh and why? My favorite experience since transferring last spring has been my involvement in the Ski and Snowboard Club. They welcomed me into the group with enthusiasm and I am now- just one semester later- the secretary of the club! It has given me the chance to work alongside my peers to share our love of Adirondack winters through both on and off campus recreation.

Favorite spot on campus and why? One of my favorite spots on campus is the area surrounding Hawkins Pond. The pond, with its fountain and green space, provides a relaxing environment to study and meet with friends. This same area becomes very lively when it is being used from events, such as Plattyslack’s Slackest or EAC's Ecofest.

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