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PICL Community Partners

How Does PICL Work?

Newly accepted international students are invited to join the PICL program. Students who choose to participate are partnered with a volunteer host from the community (a Community Partner).  Partner pairs usually meet once per month at a mutually convenient time. Together, they explore Plattsburgh and the surrounding area, share meals, attend sports events, etc. 

Why should I become a PICL Community Partner?  

By introducing an international student to the beauty of the North Country, Community Partners will gain a new perspective of Plattsburgh and surrounding community.


Your relationship with your Student Partner will provide a means for cultural exchange, social companionship, and possibly mentoring. You will experience a foreign culture first hand. As you introduce your student friend to American culture and the North Country community, you will forge a lasting friendship.

What is the role of the Community Partner?

Community Partners hold a wealth of knowledge about the area from which the Student Partners will benefit greatly.  While each partnership will be unique, it is hoped that Community Partners will make at least monthly contact with their student partner, perhaps to extend a social invitation or just to check in and say hello. The occasion could be one that is planned and special, or it could be very casual.  It may involve activities at home, or in the community and its environs.  What is decided on will depend mainly on the interests of the partners.  It is hoped that a good fit between the two parties ensues, and the student will find you to be a friend in the community through which s/he will quickly discover Plattsburgh and aspects of American culture.


What is the role of the International Student Partner?

Participation in the program is voluntary, so Student Partners will have already indicated a willingness to experience new aspects of American culture through their participation. Each student brings to campus with him/her a unique cultural perspective which we hope the two of you will explore together as well. Since the sole goal of the program is cross-cultural learning, students should not be expected to render any services in repayment for kindness, nor should students ask you for any financial assistance.

How Can I Become a PICL Participant?

  • Complete the online Community Partner application
  • Based on your preferences, the PICL Coordinator will assign you a Student Partner.
  • Once partnered, the Community Partner will receive a brief biography of their student, along with contact information.

I've Got My Partner...Now What?

Once you receive your partner's contact information, it is up to you to arrange your first meeting. ISS sponsors monthly PICL activities throughout the school year, including pot-luck dinners. The PICL Coordinator will provide you with additional ideas for how to get conversation started and what to do together.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you have any questions about the Partners in Cross-Cultural Learning Program at SUNY-Plattsburgh, please contact the PICL Coordinator:

Carolina Dela Rosa
Global Education Office

State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Kehoe Administration Building, Room 210
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, New York 12901 USA

Phone: (518) 564-3287
Fax: (518) 564-3292
Email: [email protected]