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Transfer Admissions Requirements at SUNY Plattsburgh

High school graduates who have taken college courses at a college or university following high school graduation are considered transfer students. Students can transfer at any time - but to be based on the merits of transfer coursework alone, a student must have completed two semesters of full-time study (approximately 24 transferable credits) at the time of application.

Students who have less than 24 transferable credits will be asked to provide a high school transcript and SAT/ACT scores, and must also meet both transfer and freshman admission requirements. For more information, view SUNY Plattsburgh Freshman admission requirements. Students who have a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) through either the General Educational Development (GED) or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) must send their test results along with their high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores.

The primary factors used for considering admission at SUNY Plattsburgh are (in order of relative importance):

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) - SUNY Plattsburgh recommends a 2.30 GPA for admission. Some programs (listed below) have specific GPA guidelines that are required for admission. GPA is calculated across all colleges or universities attended - not just the latest college.
  • Coursework Completed - Students who are taking competitive, challenging academic programs (as defined by the admissions committee) will be viewed with preference for admission. In addition, courses related to the student's intended program of study will also be reviewed closely during the admission review process.
  • Academic Trend - Students who have shown an upward GPA trend on a semester-by-semester basis will be viewed favorably for admission.

Special Programmatic Requirements

Some programs at SUNY Plattsburgh have special requirements for admission. These include:

SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Programs

The SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus in Queensbury, NY offers four undergraduate programs: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Nursing (RN-to-BS), and Psychology. As degree-completion programs, students must enter the program with certain prerequisites completed. Read more about Branch Campus Programs.

Criminal Justice at Hudson Valley Community College Extension Site

The SUNY Plattsburgh Extension Site at Hudson Valley offers a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. As a degree-completion program, students must enter the program with certain prerequisites completed. Read more about the Hudson Valley Extension Site Program in Criminal Justice.

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

Students who wish to enroll in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are required to submit the EOP Transfer Verification Form (PDF file size 48KB). in addition to the other documentation required for general transfer admission. Please note: space in EOP is limited and is generally reserved for students who were previously enrolled in an EOP, HEOP, SEEK, or College Discovery Program.

Nursing Program

SUNY Plattsburgh is not currently accepting transfer applications for the traditional Nursing major. Transfer students are encouraged to complete an associate's degree or diploma program in nursing, and then apply for the Nursing (RN-to-BS) program. (See "Nursing (RN-to-BS) Program" below for more information.)

Nursing (RN-to-BS) Program

SUNY Plattsburgh’s RN-to-BS in Nursing is designed for Registered Nurses who have completed an associate’s degree or diploma program in nursing. You can apply to study fully online, or you can apply for the program available onsite at SUNY Plattsburgh's Queensbury Campus. Learn more about admission to the RN-to-BS Nursing Programs

Social Work Program

The Admissions Office will initially review all transfer Social Work applicants for general transfer admission to the Social Work major (up to the sophomore year in the program).  A cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher is required.  

To qualify for admission to the Junior/Senior Professional program in Social Work, transfer students must have successfully completed Statistics, Human Biology, General Psychology, and Intro to Sociology and have junior level class standing (57 or more college credits completed) prior to their enrollment. Transfer students who are generally accepted to the Social Work major must then apply for the Junior/Senior Professional Program through the Social Work department. Social Work Application information will be sent to qualified students upon acceptance to the sophomore year of the major. The Junior/Senior Professional Program begins in the fall semester only. Social Work Applications are due to the Social Work department by April 1. (Please consult with the Social Work department. if you are applying to the Junior/Senior Professional Program as a currently enrolled SUNY Plattsburgh student - deadlines may differ.)

Please note: transfer students who apply for the spring semester will be reviewed for general admission to the Social Work major. If accepted and enrolled for the spring semester, qualified transfer students will then need to apply with the Social Work Application for the Junior/Senior Professional program during the spring semester in which they enrolled.  

All Social Work Applications for the Junior/Senior Professional Program are reviewed by the Social Work department, and include an original essay and a letter of recommendation.  Junior-level class standing does not guarantee admission to the Junior/Senior Professional Program in Social Work.  

GPA Requirements

As mentioned above, a 2.30 GPA is recommended for admission to most programs. However, some have a higher GPA requirement. These include:

3.00 or Higher GPA Required

2.50 or Higher GPA Required

2.50 or Higher GPA Recommended

2.30 or Higher GPA Required

2.30 or Higher GPA Recommended

The Admission Review Process

The admission review takes into account the student's entire profile. Other factors of consideration include:

  • Interview with an Admissions Advisor
  • Personal Essay
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Leadership and community service activities

 Please note that the documents submitted to Admissions that are not required for the admissions review process (i.e. medical records, learning disability documents, and art/music portfolios) will not be retained.


Contact Information

The Admissions Office is located on the 10th floor of the Kehoe Building.

Phone: (518) 564-2040
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