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Frequently Asked Questions About Graduate Programs at the Branch Campus

Can I take some graduate credits at the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus before I apply for admission?

Answer: If the course(s) are appropriate for the degree program you've selected, you may be able to apply from 3 to 12 credit hours earned as a non-matriculated student toward a graduate degree.

To avoid any disappointments, we strongly recommend that you discuss your plans with an advisor before taking any courses.

Please note that no more than 12 graduate credit hours taken as a non-matriculated student (including credits earned at SUNY Plattsburgh or other graduate school) may be applied toward a graduate degree at SUNY Plattsburgh. You should achieve a grade of B or higher in order to request to use these courses toward your program.

For more information on how to take classes as a non-matriculated student: Registration Process for Non-Matriculated Students.

How many credits can I transfer into a graduate program at Plattsburgh?

Answer: Twelve is the maximum number of credit hours that may be transferred into a master's degree program at Plattsburgh from another accredited institution (or earned at SUNY Plattsburgh as a non-matriculated student).

Each course transferred must have been completed with a grade of B (3.0) or higher. Approval of transfer credit is the responsibility of the faculty of the center/department/program which supervises the graduate program, and the dean of the appropriate division.

Do I need to take classes on the main campus in Plattsburgh?

Answer:  All graduate programs with the exception of the C.A.S. in Education Leadership can be completed entirely at the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus.

Students may obtain information on programs, advisement, admission and registration procedures, and schedules of courses at the SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus at Queensbury.

The office is open Monday through Friday. Check our current hours on the bottom of this page. Prospective students may call (518) 792-5425 or e-mail for an appointment.

What is considered full-time study?

Answer: Generally, a minimum of 12 credits is considered full-time.

What time of the day are courses offered?

Answer: We understand that the majority of our students are non-traditional, working adults. To meet the needs of our students, all classes are offered in the evening.

Where can I find a list of courses offered at the Branch Campus?

Answer: The most current and up to date list of courses available at the Branch Campus is available through Banner Web Master Schedule Search. You do not need a PIN or Login information to view this Master Schedule. Please restrict your search to "Campus Location" only, selecting "Branch Campus" and leave all other search criteria set to "all."

You may also stop by the Branch Campus at 640 Bay Road to obtain a printed list of all courses offered for the current semester.

Can I apply on-line?

Answer: Graduate application forms are available on the graduate website . You can download them and print them out to be completed and returned by mail to the Graduate Admissions Office . However, it is strongly recommended, especially if you are applying for the M.S.T. Childhood Education or M.S.T. Adolescence Education programs, that you call (800) 723-9515 or email the Director of Graduate Admissions for program requirements and directions on applying to the program.

If I graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, do I have to submit an official transcript?

Answer: No. Upon receipt of your application for admission, the Graduate Admissions Office will obtain your transcript from the Registrar's Office for use in your graduate file.

What is the difference between the M.S.T. and M.S.Ed. programs?

Answer: The M.S.T. Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) and M.S.T. Adolescence Education (Grades 7-12) programs are  career-changing programs for persons holding a baccalaureate degree in a variety of subject areas and are designed to meet the New York State Education requirements for Initial Teaching Certification. The M.S.T. programs include Student Teaching.

The M.S.Ed. in Teaching and Learning program is for professionals who are already certified to teach in New York State and need to meet the New York State Education requirements for Permanent or Professional certification in order to maintain their teaching certification.

Will I earn my degree from Plattsburgh or Adirondack?

Answer:  Students at the Branch Campus attend classes at SUNY Adirondack, but you will earn your degree from SUNY Plattsburgh. The SUNY Plattsburgh Branch Campus personnel are Plattsburgh faculty and staff.

How do I request an official transcript?

Answer: Official Transcripts must be requested in writing to the Registrar's Office on our main campus in Plattsburgh. Learn more about how to request a transcript.

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