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Fieldwork and Internships at Queensbury

The psychology fieldwork/internship program is designed to offer students practical experience in psychology in field settings. The placements that are available for undergraduate psychology majors are quite diverse. Some placements involve working with children or adolescents, and some with adults.

Fieldwork/Internship opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • WAIT House Homeless Youth Shelter
  • Voices of the Heart – services for individuals with psychiatric problems
  • Catholic Aid Society

In addition students may propose placements of their own.

Fieldwork/Internship students will actively relate their field experiences to the content of courses they have take in the psychology undergraduate curriculum. To encourage students to ground their field experiences in psychological theory and research, students will be required to fulfill academic requirements as well as their field hours for the fieldwork/internship course.

The fieldwork/internship program allows students to explore different career options within the field of psychology, which will facilitate more informed career decisions, and to obtain relevant experience for either graduate school or employment after graduation.

Students interested in doing fieldwork or an internship should contact either Dr. Grabbe or Dr. Sturman.

General minimum prerequisites

  1. Grade Point--You must have an Overall Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 to take any type of fieldwork/internship practicum or internship. You should also have at least that level of performance in psychology courses.
  2. Standing--fieldwork is ordinarily taken by junior and senior psychology majors who have completed several psychology courses.


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