Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Offered at Hudson Valley Community College

In spring 2010, SUNY Plattsburgh signed an agreement with Hudson Valley Community College to offer a bachelor’s degree completion program in criminal justice on the campus of Hudson Valley CC. If you are living in the capital region, have graduated (or will be graduating) from an associate’s degree program in criminal justice, and are looking for a high quality bachelor’s degree program at a superb value, this program may be an excellent fit for you.

Program Overview

The criminal justice program offered at Hudson Valley is equivalent to the degree program offered at our main campus in Plattsburgh. Graduates of the program, whether Plattsburgh or at Hudson Valley, are awarded the same Bachelor of Arts with a major in criminal justice. Learn more about the criminal justice program.

The criminal justice program at HVCC is offered in a cohort-based model, where students take the majority of their on-site classes together. Over the course of four semesters, students complete all of the courses needed to earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. The suggested sequence of the program is as follows:

Junior Year Sequence

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CRI 311 – Introduction to Justice Research (3 cr.) CRI 354 – Policing and Society (3 cr.)
CRI 353 – Punishment and Society (3 cr.)
CRI 357 – Courts and Criminal Procedures (3 cr.)
CRI 3XX – Criminal Justice Elective (3 cr.)
CRI 3XX – Criminal Justice Elective (3 cr.) CRI 3XX – Criminal Justice Elective (3 cr.)   
MAT161 – Introduction to Statistics (3 cr.)
General Education or Elective (3 cr.)
CMM101-Introduction to Public Speaking (3 cr.)
General Education or Elective (3 cr.)
General Education or Elective (3 cr.)                    General Education or Elective (3 cr.)      

Senior Year Sequence

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CRI 405 – Issues in Criminal Justice (3 cr.) CRI 450 – Ethics in Criminal Justice (3 cr.)
CRI 3XX – Criminal Justice Elective (3 cr.) CRI 3XX – Criminal Justice Elective (3 cr.)
CRI 3XX – Criminal Justice Elective (3 cr.)   CRI 3XX – Criminal Justice Elective (3 cr.)  
General Education or Elective (3 cr.)     General Education or Elective (3 cr.)      
General Education or Elective (3 cr.)                   General Education or Elective (3 cr.)      

Suggested CJ electives offered on-site include:
CRI380-War on Drugs
CRI360-Minorities and Crime
CRI393-Topics in Criminal Justice

Courses in this program are offered in a variety of formats, including on-site courses at HVCC, online courses, and distance learning courses. On-site courses are offered in the early evening, either once or twice a week.  Because of the nature of this program, CRI450 - Ethics in Criminal Justice (3 cr.) must be taken on-site at either SUNY Plattsburgh’s campus in Queensbury, NY or at the main campus in Plattsburgh, NY. This typically occurs in the second (senior) year of the program.

Transfer articulation agreements between Plattsburgh and Hudson Valley Community College ensure HVCC students of the maximum allowable transfer credit into the undergraduate programs. With good planning, students entering the criminal justice program should be able to complete their bachelor’s degree in two years. Students admitted to the program who have not completed the prescribed courses listed below may not be able to complete this degree program in four semesters.

The criminal justice degree completion program at Hudson Valley Community College is administered by faculty and staff at our Queensbury campus, located on the campus of SUNY Adirondack (ACC) in Queensbury, New York, approximately 53 miles or one hour from Troy, NY. View directions to SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury.


Quality Education – For over 30 years, SUNY Plattsburgh has been preparing professionals for rewarding careers in the criminal justice field. Plattsburgh graduates have gone on to work in a variety of organizations including New York State Troopers, Division of Parole, Victims Advocacy Groups, Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives, US Department of Homeland Security, Law Firms, among many others.

Value – For New York State Residents, the total costs for one year of full-time study is $5,408, meaning that you can graduate with a high quality bachelor’s degree but with significantly less debt than other traditional college programs.

Convenience – With the majority of the classes being offered at Hudson Valley, there’s no need to relocate to get your degree. And, since the classes are offered in the evening, you can get a degree while still holding on to your day job.

A Personal Education – With only 15 students admitted each year, you can expect small classes where you will get to know your faculty members and fellow students.

Admissions Requirements

In order to be considered for this program, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have completed an associate’s degree in criminal justice or earned an equivalent of approximately 60 credit hours by time of enrollment with appropriate prerequisites (see below);
  • Earned a minimum 2.30 cumulative GPA across all colleges attended.

Required and Recommended Prerequisite Courses

In order to be admitted to this program, you will need to have completed the following required HVCC courses prior to enrolling:

  • CRJS 180/280 – Substantive Criminal Law
  • CRJS 250 – Criminology
  • POLS 105 - American National Government
  • PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCL 101 – Introduction to Sociology (with a course grade of 'C' or higher)

While not required, it is recommended that you complete the following additional HVCC courses prior to enrolling:

  • CRJS 150 – Criminal Investigation
  • CRJS 255 – Juvenile Delinquency
  • MATH 135 – Statistics
  • PADM 100 – Introduction to Public Administration

Admissions Criteria

Since there are only 15 students enrolled in this program each year, admission to the criminal justice program at HVCC is competitive. Admission is offered on a first-come, first-served basis with preference being given students who have higher GPAs, well-matched courses, and who demonstrate the best fit for the program.

Applying for Admission

If you are interested in enrolling in our program, we encourage you to apply for admission. Please note: If you are using the Common Application, please indicate your major as "Criminal Justice (HVCC)" on your Common Application Supplement. If you are using the SUNY Application, please enter "CJHVC" in the "Special Campus Projects" field. Doing either will flag your application for the HVCC criminal justice program.

After you have applied for admission, your next step is to send supporting documentation for your application. If the admissions committee requires additional information, we will contact you. Learn more about the transfer admissions process.

Costs and Financial Aid

If you are looking to attain your bachelor’s degree at a superb value, SUNY Plattsburgh’s criminal justice program at HVCC can’t be beat. The total bill for a full-time student who is a New York State resident is $5,408 per year.

While the cost of attendance in this program is very competitive, we understand that you may need some assistance in paying for your education. Need-based financial aid is available for qualified students while merit-based scholarships are available for students who have earned a 3.50 or greater cumulative GPA. Learn more about financial aid at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Check out our Scholarship Calculator.

Next Steps

If you wish to learn more about the Hudson Valley criminal justice program, we encourage you to contact the Admissions Office and speak with a transfer admissions advisor. We can be reached by phone at (518) 564-2040 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Contact Information

The Admissions Office is located on the 10th floor of the Kehoe Building.

Phone: (518) 564-2040
Toll-free: (888) 673-0012
Fax: (518) 564-2045

Mailing Address:
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