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Emergency Notification and Communication

SUNY Plattsburgh uses a variety of methods to notify the campus community of incidents that occur on campus. These methods include but are not limited to:

  • SUNY NY Alert
  • Messages on SUNY Plattsburgh social media
  • University email lists
  • Local television and radio
  • Public address systems

These methods are employed depending on the situation and may be utilized before, during and/or after an event. It is important to monitor appropriate outlets for information, including those operated by local and regional agencies.


Outdoor Warning Sirens

SUNY Plattsburgh has installed outdoor warning sirens in strategic locations across campus. 

The sirens supplement our Emergency Notification System and are designed to be activated when there is an imminent threat to life and safety on or around campus, such as an active shooter, a severe weather emergency or a hazardous materials incident.

Sirens are designed to only be heard outdoors. Upon activation, a tone will sound from the speakers signaling an emergency. When heard, the campus community should take the following actions:

  • STOP:            Stop what you are doing.
  • OBSERVE:   Observe your immediate surroundings for danger.
  • SHELTER:    Shelter in place and seek additional information from SUNY NY Alert (text, e-mail, cell phone, and landline), campus e-mail or the college website.

Once it is determined the situation no longer poses a threat, an “all clear” message will be provide through one or several means of the campus’ notification systems noted above.

The Emergency Notification System will be tested periodically during the year to ensure it is functioning properly. Notification will be made prior to any testing.     


Press play below to hear what SUNY Plattsburgh's Outdoor Warning Siren sounds like. 



Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Michael Caraballo
Emergency Management Director
Phone: (518) 564-4950
Fax: (518) 564-7986
Email: [email protected]