SUNY Plattsburgh Emergency Procedures

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An emergency or crisis situation can arise at SUNY Plattsburgh at any time and from many causes.  Emergencies on campus could range from chemical spills, fires, natural disasters and civil disturbances which effect large numbers of people to personal emergencies which directly impact an individual or small group of individuals such as assault or medical emergencies.

SUNY Plattsburgh has established emergency procedures for you to follow so that the effects of those emergencies can be minimized.  The Emergency Response Guide contains instructions to assist members of the SUNY Plattsburgh community in responding to a variety of emergencies that may affect the campus. The most important information you can use in an emergency is the number to contact University Police (518-564-2022) or dial 9-1-1. 

Please remember that the information and procedures outlined in the guide are general and basic.  Common sense should dictate reaction to emergency situations.

Once you are familiar with the information, you will be able to protect yourself and perhaps save the life of someone else.  The more you are prepared, the better you can act and minimize panic or confusion when an emergency occurs.  No matter what the crisis: THINK before you ACT, then act swiftly to minimize your exposure to danger.  Your safety is most important.

Please read the guide thoroughly BEFORE an emergency occurs and become familiar with your building and your building contacts.

How to Report an Emergency

  •     Contact University Police by dialing 518-564-2022 (or x2022 if dialing from any SUNY Plattsburgh campus telephone) OR
  •     Dial 9-1-1

Tip: Prepare for an emergency before it happens: Program emergency telephone numbers into your cell phone.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Michael Caraballo
Emergency Management Director
Phone: (518) 564-4950
Fax: (518) 564-7986
Email: [email protected]