Evacuating buildings: During an emergency

  • All buildings must be evacuated when a fire alarm sounds or upon notice from University Police or other authorized personnel.
  • When evacuating a building, close your door and always exit from the closest egress door.
  • Alert others to follow when evacuating the building.
  • Never use elevators during a fire.
  • When outside, go to a designated assembly area at least 150 feet from the building and follow instructions.
  • Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • Do not return to an evacuated building, unless notified by a building contact (administrative buildings), R.A.//R.D (residential buildings), or University Police.


Click here for a list of assembly areas.


Evacuating People with a Disability:

  • Whenever possible, identify a partner to assist the person during an emergency incident.
  • Do not attempt to lift/carry the individual since this may cause serious injuries.
  • If unable to exit the building, the disabled person should be assisted by a partner to a safe location near a stairwell and contact University Police (518-564-2022) or emergency responders (911) to where the disabled person is located in the building. 
  • The partner should then evacuate immediately.  


Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Michael Caraballo
Emergency Management Director
Phone: (518) 564-4950
Fax: (518) 564-7986