Mental Health Emergencies

When a person is a danger to him/herself or others because of a mental health problem,  call for immediate assistance:
  • In case of medical emergency, Dial 9-1-1.
  • Call University Police at 518-564-2022.
  • Clearly state immediate help is needed.
  • Report your name, your location, the person's name, their location, phone number, and the nature of the problem.
A person is considered a danger to himself, herself or others when he/she has:
  • Threatened or attempted suicide, verbally or in writing.
  • Engaged in efforts to prepare to commit suicide.
  • Deliberately caused injury to self.
  • Expressed thoughts of wanting to harm other people, verbally or in writing.
Provide responding personnel with as much information as you know about the person, including:
  • Mental health history.
  • Name of therapist / psychiatrist (if applicable).
  • Medications the person is taking (if applicable).
  • Recent changes in behavior.
  • Recent use and history of alcohol / drug use.
  • History of suicide threats, attempts and / or other violent behaviors.
  • Ability to manage daily living skills (eat, bathe, etc.).
If you are concerned about the mental health of a fellow student, faculty or staff member and are unsure whether their behavior constitutes an immediate call to University Police, please contact the Behavioral Assessment Committee by calling the Center for Student Health & Psychological Services at 564-2187.


Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Michael Caraballo
Emergency Management Director
Phone: (518) 564-4950
Fax: (518) 564-7986