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SUNY Plattsburgh Divisional Mission Statements

Academic Affairs

School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences provides excellence in learning opportunities for all students at SUNY Plattsburgh through a core liberal arts education that develops students who can think critically, have mastered their discipline, can communicate effectively and are broadly educated. Students may select a major field of study in the traditional disciplines of arts and sciences and in select professional and graduate programs. We provide opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom through internship, research, and field opportunities. The School of Arts and Sciences provides a supportive and encouraging learning environment for students. We are actively engaged in the scholarship of discovery, integration, application and teaching and provide vital service to the campus, community, and discipline.

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS)

Library and Information Technology Services’ mission is to provide leadership and support in the areas of information resources including technology, access, exchange, programming, and information and computer literacy. Library and Information Technology Services directly informs, educates, and supports all aspects of the educational mission of SUNY Plattsburgh. All programs and policies of LITS strive to be responsive to the needs of students, faculty, staff, and the community.

School of Education, Health and Human Services

The mission of the School of Education, Health and Human Services is to prepare students for positions in their respective fields, to provide a learning environment that fosters growth and development, and to inculcate creative, critical, and humane thinking.

School of Business and Economics

The mission of the School of Business and Economics is to provide a broad-based education with a global emphasis and experientially-based opportunities for students, business outreach activities to the region, encouragement and support for faculty development, scholarship, and research, and an environment in which all stakeholders contribute synergistically to continuous improvement.

Business Affairs

Our mission is to provide essential services to our campus, local, State, federal and international customers. We are responsible for human, physical, financial and technical resources. As professionals, we navigate systems in a collaborative and sensitive way.

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs fosters a supportive educational community that attracts and engages a diverse student population and encourages academic success and personal growth.

Career Development Center

The mission of the Career Development Center is to provide a range of services, resources, and programs to educate students and alumni in all aspects of the career development process to enhance their professional preparation and employability.

Center for Greek Affairs & Leadership Development

The Center for Greek Affairs and Leadership Development provides support, advice and services regarding chapter operations to the members of the Greek-letter fraternities and sororities, and provides values-based educational programming to assist members in creating a positive fraternal experience encompassing the core principles of Friendship, Scholarship, Service and Leadership while learning to work through collaboration and interfraternalism within the Greek community. Furthermore, the Center provides the entire student population with diverse leadership development opportunities that encompass varied learning styles and different levels of emotional maturity and intellectual development.

Center for Student Health & Psychological Services

The Center for Student Health and Psychological Services provides quality individualized care and promotes the physical and psychological health of our diverse college community through direct services and resources that encourage healthy decision-making.

Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism

The Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism provides students with volunteer and service learning experiences that foster a sense of personal and civic responsibility, while serving the needs of the campus and local community, as well as the broader society.

Angell College Center

The mission of the Angell College Center is to serve as the "community center" for students, faculty/staff, alumni and guests of the university.It provides a wide variety of services and facilities responsive to the needs and complementary to the academic experience of students. It supports cultural, educational, social, and recreational programs and offerings that, when taken together, represent a well-balanced experience for the collegiate life of the university.

Field House

To provide quality customer services, to assist in the establishment and maintenance of facilities, grounds and systems and to effectively support logistical needs for Field House patrons in order to provide optimal conditions for those using the facility. To provide practical applications of College policies, while enhancing educational, athletic, recreational and revenue producing activities for the College.

Fitness Center

The mission of the Fitness Center is to implement, provide, and facilitate quality fitness related activities that are exciting, energetic, and enhance the physical and mental well being of its members.

Intercollegiate Athletics

The mission of the intercollegiate athletic program is to provide a quality intercollegiate athletics program consistent with the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III philosophy and the overall educational mission of SUNY Plattsburgh. Intercollegiate athletics is sponsored as an educationally purposeful activity that focuses on the individual development of the student-athlete. It emphasizes the positive value of physical activity, learned skills, good sportsmanship and competition. The program will strive to instill in student-athletes the ability to represent them, the athletic department, and the college in a positive manner at all times. The intercollegiate athletic program will demonstrate success through competitive excellence and the academic achievement and commitment to service of its student-athletes.

Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) at SUNY Plattsburgh provides admission, academic and financial support to students who have demonstrated the potential to do college-level work in nontraditional ways, and who also demonstrate financial need, as mandated by statewide guidelines. EOP participants are provided counseling, tutoring, academic advising and financial assistance.

Housing and Residence Life/Student Conduct Office

The mission of the Housing and Residence Life program at SUNY Plattsburgh is to create quality communities within which students can learn, develop and flourish academically and personally. The residence halls provide a safe, secure, well-maintained environment, which address the academic and personal needs of the individual. Students' growth is complemented, supported, and enhanced through the staff members' ability to know their residents, their awareness and use of the campus and community resources, and the offering of social and educational programming. It is important for our program to create an environment where students truly appreciate, respect and value the people they have the opportunity to live, work, play and learn with.

Office of Judicial Affairs

The Office of Judicial Affairs will provide an educational, supportive, accountable, impartial and fair adjudication process for the College Community, which holds students accountable for their actions and promotes their personal, ethical and social development while preserving the rights of all individuals involved.

Office of New Student Orientation

The Office of New Student Orientation will provide newly admitted students and their families an informative, academic, timely and fun transition program which prepares new students for the University's educational opportunities, initiates the integration of new students and their families into the intellectual, cultural and social climate of the institution and promotes lifelong learning.

Student Support Services

Student Support Services at Plattsburgh is a Federally funded program providing counseling and academic assistance to low income and first generation students and students with disabling conditions to ensure their retention and graduation from the college.

University Police

The mission of University Police is to provide high quality, professional law enforcement services to protect people and property through community policing initiatives, education and the enforcement of laws and regulations coming within our legal jurisdiction. Additionally, we aid and support area law enforcement within the surrounding community. We are committed to creating a safe environment in which to live, work and learn.

Upward Bound Program

To establish and maintain a project that generates in low-income, potential first-generation college students the skills and motivation necessary to complete a program of secondary education and to enter and succeed in a program of postsecondary education.

Contact Information

For more information about assessment programs at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

JoAnn Gleeson-Kreig, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office: Kehoe 807
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