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Employee Assistance Program at SUNY Plattsburgh

We Can Help

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps SUNY Plattsburgh employees to assess problems, and offer information and/or make a referral to a local provider. The program does not provide counseling services.

We can offer help to:

  • Current employees and their families
  • Supervisory personnel
  • Retirees

Who Visits EAP?

All sorts of people! Some of the problems or needs presented by employees include:

  • Emotional or physical
  • Alcohol or other drug
  • Family
  • Need for resources or referrals
  • Simply, just needing another's opinion

Your supervisor may suggest EAP because he or she believes that you may need help to correct a work-related problem.  You are not obligated to follow through on the suggestion. The supervisor is looking for a change in behavior or work habits in the workplace. You are free to pursue other courses, such as self-help books, outside counseling, psychiatric, or medical resources. Our EAP office has a small library consisting of brochures, books and tapes for your use.


We offer:

  • Health-related education workshops (as resources and time permit)
  • literature via intercampus mail or e-mail 


  • Tuesdays (by appointment)


The service is free of charge and completely confidential, unless we believe that you are in danger of harming yourself and/or others, or there is suspicion of child abuse.

You would be asked to sign a Release of Information form only at your request for information to be sent to your supervisor, Human Resource Services, or other outside contacts.


Contact Information

For more information about the SUNY Plattsburgh Employee Assistance Program, please contact:

Bev Burnell, Coordinator
Office: Sibley 107
Phone: (518) 564-3277
Email: [email protected]