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Planning at SUNY Plattsburgh

What Does "Planning" Mean?

Planning is a comprehensive, systematic, tool designed to help organizations envision the future, anticipate and respond appropriately to changing times, increase effectiveness and develop consensus and commitment. Planning is about shaping the future rather than simply preparing or adapting to it. It requires us to look very carefully at current performance and analyze the gaps between the present conditions and the envisioned future.

Formal Planning

Formal planning occurs at the institutional level, within the major divisions of the college, as well as in smaller units and departments.

At the institutional level, the strategic or “Campus Plan”  is the overarching plan for the campus, usually developed in 5-year stages. The Campus Plan selects aspects of the college mission to develop and enhance. Budget and facilities planning are also examples of institutional planning.

Units within each of the four major divisions of the college, academic, business, advancement, and student affairs  may engage in planning as well. For example, these include Institutional Assessment, Enrollment Management, Marketing, and the like. and  SUNY Plattsburgh addresses formal planning at four levels.

Each department/unit prepares an annual report to clarify their relationship to the institutional and divisional mission; to summarize their contributions to those missions; and to outline the activities planned for the next year in light of these missions and achievements. These report documents also contain information pertinent to short- and long-term goals, rationale for program changes, and the extent to which each department/unit participated in planning. This report is reviewed by the relevant Dean and/ or the Vice President .

The college's strategic “campus” plan is facilitated through the development of action plans designed to support specific strategic objectives. This process incorporates campus-wide planning days that allow for community building through broad-based discussion of new initiatives and progress reports (e.g., budget, assessment, planning, facilities, and enrollment) focused on specific efforts to advance the college's mission and vision.

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