Campus Plan 2018

Campus Plan Progress Report



Honoring the Work of a Community

The campus plan and the action plans that will support it are products of our community. Together, we have articulated a clear and ambitious vision for the next five years at SUNY Plattsburgh.

The college is indebted to the many staff, faculty, students and community members who helped to shape this plan and who will now commit themselves with equal vigor to its successful implementation.

Thank you.

Gary Kroll, co-chair
James Liszka, co-chair

Strategic Plan Lead Committee

Clark Foster
Delbert Hart
Bryan Hartman
Becky Kasper
Michael Morgan
Carrie Woodward
T.J. Myers

Academic Plan Lead Committee

James Armstrong
Anne Bongiorno
Mo Djerdjouri
Thomas Friedrich
Mohammed Gaber
Delbert Hart
Jean Ann Hunt
Becky Kasper
JoEllen Miano
Jeanne Ryan
Laurence Soroka
Morgan Hill, SA Student

Focus Leaders

Suzanne Catana
Robert Karp
Kevin Oneill

Action Committees

Strengthen the Support for Student Success

Bryan Hartman (chair)
James Armstrong
Vanessa Cappon
Cody McCabe
Michele Carpentier
Tracey Cross-Baker
Suzanne Daley
Stephen Danna
Wendy Gordon
Richard Higgins
Karin Killough
Steve Light
Christy Minck
T.J. Myers
Janis Noble
Richard Schaefer
David Stone
Sally Urban
Jackie Vogl

Promote Teaching Excellence

Becky Kasper (chair)
Lauren Eastwood
Tom Friedrich
Wendy Gordon
Jason Lee
Tammy Myers
Bill Pfaff
Ken Podolak
Mary Roden-Tice
Maureen Squires

Expand Opportunities for Experiential Learning

Mohamed Gaber (chair)
Diane Fine
Cori Jackson
Tracey Cross-Baker
Tim Mihuc
Mary Carpenter
Chuo-Hsuan (Jason Lee)

Increase Global Experiences & Multicultural Competencies

Jean Ann Hunt (chair)
Lynda Ames   
Tom Curle
Julia Davis
Mohamed Djerdjouri
Tracie Guzzio
Bob Karp
Deb Light
Cody McCabe
Kyla Relaford
Carrie Woodward
Yong Yu

Build Community Connections

Jeanne Ryan (chair)
Robert Ackland
Michael Cashman
David Curry
Tracy Cross-Baker
Bruce Delventhal           
David Franzi
Faith Long
Linda Luck
Thomas Moran
Joanne Nelson
Karen Stehlin

Cultivate a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Delbert Hart (chair)
Steve Danna               
Bob Karp
Clark Foster
David Gregoire
Tom Higgins
Steve Matthews
Colin Read
Sandra Rezac
George Still

Contact Information

Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUNY Plattsburgh
101 Broad Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Office: Kehoe 802
Phone: (518) 564-5402