Campus Plan 2018

Campus Plan Progress Report



Build Our Community Connections

Our students, faculty and staff are connected to a variety of communities — not only our cam¬pus but also our alumni, our region, the natural environment and the global community.

Students and employees alike have voiced a desire to enrich these relations, to break down silos, to enhance our dialogue and interaction, and to assist with the economic, civic and physical health of our local and regional communities.

As we work to strengthen our campus community, we must also increase efforts to connect to our alumni, our local community, our region and our state.

SUNY Plattsburgh has a strong reputation for assisting with the health, educational and business needs of the community, but there are myriad ways we can strengthen our communities while enriching the experiences of our students.

To build community connections, SUNY Plattsburgh will:

  • Encourage interdisciplinary scholarship and collaboration on campus, and promote academic program alignments that will build capacity and enhance scholarship;
  • continue to build partnerships with the local community, the region and the state, particularly in the business, education and health fields, and to support, where relevant, the efforts of the area’s regional economic development; and
  • increase alumni connections with students for mentoring, career development and building relationships with the college.

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