Campus Plan 2018

Campus Plan Progress Report



Expand Experiential Learning Opportunities

To prepare students for their careers and for citizenship in a globally connected world, it is important to provide them with relevant experiential learning.

Experiential learning encour¬ages a mutually beneficial, cooperative relationship between students and mentors. Such opportunities include internships and practica; faculty-guided research; artistic and cultural exhibitions and performances; clinically rich experiences; scientific and social fieldwork; study abroad programs; campus employment; service/volunteer programs; student campus leadership opportunities and related experiences.

To expand experiential learning at SUNY Plattsburgh, we will:

  • Develop more opportunities in the region, the state, the country and abroad;
  • promote collaboration among career development personnel, academic divisions and departments in order to strengthen experiential learning and leadership roles for students;
  • promote collaboration among career development personnel, departments and alumni services to better incorporate alumni in the experiential learning process;
  • support continued student and faculty cooperation on research-related experiences; and
  • investigate means to officially document the experiential learning experiences of students.

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