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Roles and Responsibilities In the Web Development Process

Content Providers

What Do Content Providers Do?

The most effective content providers are strong writers.

These important individuals may or may not have technical knowledge about website design and development, but they are adept at communicating with their audience — at establishing a real connection with readers, engaging them and encouraging further action.

Content providers are responsible for keeping the information in their areas up-to-date and useful to the target audiences (primarily current and prospective students, but also including college staff, faculty, prospective faculty, and local business and community members).

The role of the Content Provider includes the following responsibilities:

  1. Adopting an attitude of goodwill toward the development process.
  2. Checking the web pages in their areas of responsibility regularly to ensure that content is accurate, current, and in accordance with the website standards and guidelines.
  3. Making or requesting changes as needed.
  4. Following website policies and processes.
  5. Maintaining a dialogue with the Web Administrators regarding website needs for their areas.
  6. Responding promptly to inquiries from Web audiences, whether received directly from the website or as referrals from the Web Administrators.

Web Administrators

Web Administrators oversee site design and content development on a daily operational level, and evaluate readiness for publication.

Principal responsibilities include:

  1. Assisting campus stakeholders in building effective and strategic websites.
  2. Supporting the college’s graphic standard and enhancing the look of the website.
  3. Editing proposed Web material to ensure greatest user satisfaction.
  4. Meeting and enforcing NYS and Federal accessibility guidelines.

Primary areas of responsibility:

  • Daniel J.S. Lewis, Web Operations Manager: admissions and other non-academic recruitment-related websites, student life, enrolled student content.
  • Sarah Cunningham, Web Editor for Academics: academic programs, offices and centers, and WIDGET Training.

Contact Information

If you have questions about SUNY Plattsburgh website, please contact:

For Admissions, Non-Academic Recruitment-related Websites, Student Life, Enrolled Students, and Web Policies

Daniel J.S. Lewis, Web Operations Manager
Office: Hawkins Hall 112B
Phone: (518) 564-3977
Email: daniel.lewis@plattsburgh.edu

For Academic Programs, Academic Offices, Academic Centers, and WIDGET Training

Sarah Cunningham, Web Editor for Academics
Office: Feinberg 245
Phone: (518) 564-3978
Email: sarah.cunningham@plattsburgh.edu