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Feinberg Library Instruction Sessions Guidelines for Faculty

We ask that Instructors...

  • Attend the session.
  • Thoroughly explain to students the requirements of the assignment for which the librarian is providing library instruction.
  • Schedule a session to be held with a librarian after the assignment requirements have been discussed with the students, but prior to the assignment due date.
  • Communicate your content expectations to the librarian well before the session.
  • Encourage students’ preparedness for the session, including formulating and testing research questions and/or research strategies prior to the session and noting difficulties encountered during the research process.
  • When applicable, provide the librarian prior to the session with specific examples of research difficulties students are encountering in the course of the assignment.
  • Fill out the online Faculty session evaluation.
  • If asked, distribute, collect, and send back the student session evaluations.

We expect that librarians assigned to a Feinberg Library Instruction Session will...

  • Request a copy of the syllabus and/or assignment from the professor at the start of the scheduling process if the professor has not sent the documents along with the session request.
  • Consult with instructors about assignment specifics and the instructors’ desired content well in advance of the scheduled session.
  • Communicate with the professor to establish the students’ information needs/research difficulties, preferably including difficulties from the students’ perspective.
  • Tailor the session to the specific assignment.
  • Produce appropriate materials for the session (LibGuides, PPT, handouts, etc).
  • Review student and faculty evaluations after they are tabulated in order to discern areas for improvement.

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact:

Elin O'Hara-Gonya, Associate Librarian and IRS Unit Coordinator
Office: Feinberg 323
Phone: (518) 564-5187
E-mail: oharaea@plattsburgh.edu