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Feinberg Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan lets you borrow materials from libraries beyond Feinberg

Our Interlibrary Loan services let SUNY Plattsburgh students, staff, and faculty (including emeriti) borrow materials and copies of periodical articles that are not available at Feinberg Library. Our ILL services are not available to alumni and community guests or to those who owe library fines.

Our secure online Interlibrary Loan system is called ILLiad. Sign in below:


Follow these steps to use our Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD) system:

  1. Visit Feinberg's Interlibrary Loan log-on page. This link is available on the library home page and in the Library tab in MyPlattsburgh.
  2. First-time users begin by setting up an Interlibrary Loan account. Use your SUNY Plattsburgh information for your local address and use your home address for the second address. You will be notified of ILL services through official campus email.
  3. Complete the online ILL form
  4. When your physical materials arrive, we will notify you of availability for pick-up at the 2nd-floor Service Desk. Electronic materials will be emailed to you.
  5. Return your materials by the due date to avoid incurring overdue fines.
  6. Learn more - Create Your Account Guide

IMPORTANT: Your responsibilities in using ILL services

  1. Before submitting an ILL request, check to make sure the item you want is not available at Feinberg. Check for available books by using our library search tools. For journal articles, check here: Is a Journal Available Online?
  2. Always update your account whenever you experience a change of address or email address.
  3. Return materials on time. The ILL system relies strongly on this personal responsibility requirement.
  4. Take care not to violate copyright laws. Learn more.
  5. Cancel any requests that you find you no longer need - this courtesy helps ILL work well for everyone. We appreciate it!
  6. Branch Campus students and faculty - Be sure to identify yourself as a Branch campus user on each request form.

Renewing Materials

Renewals may be requested only once, and they are granted at the discretion of the lending library. Request renewals directly through your ILLiad account prior to the due date of the item.

  • Log-in to your ILLiad account.
  • In the Checked Out Items section, click on the Transaction Number (left column), then click on Renew Request (in red, upper left).

If you need an article photocopied from our local print or microform holdings can take advantage of our document delivery service. Begin by completing an Interlibrary Loan request. Your article will be duplicated and sent to you. Faculty requesting copies of ILL articles from microform materials are asked to contact Ethel Facteau for assistance (e-mail facteaem@plattsburgh.edu or 518-564-5301).

Learn more about Interlibrary Loan services.

Contact Information

For more information about Interlibrary Loan Services, please e-mail us at lib_loan@plattsburgh.edu or contact:

Ethel Facteau, Collection Development & Delivery (Lending/Borrowing Services)
Phone: (518) 564-5301 or (518) 564-4427
Office: Room 247

Mila Su, Collection Development & Delivery 
Phone: (518) 564-5306
Office: Room 207

ILL Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm