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LIB Proficiency Exam Proctoring Guidelines and Form

Matriculated distance-learning students are eligible to take the LIB library proficiency exam at a location other than the main campus or branch campus, providing the following conditions are met:

  • You are a student registered for a distance-learning course in the current semester.
  • You are not currently registered for courses meeting at either the main Plattsburgh campus or SUNY Adirondack branch campus.
  • You live farther than 50 miles from either the main Plattsburgh campus or SUNY Adirondack branch campus.

Policies and procedures 

Students are responsible for identifying a suitable proctor and location for the exam. The exam is offered through Moodle, so the proctoring site must have a computer and Internet access. Students cannot use their own computer for the exam. A proctored exam can only be scheduled during the Fall or Spring semesters. The campus Academic Honesty policies apply to all examinations and any violation with a proctored exam is treated as it would be with any regular campus exam.

Identifying a proctor

The following individuals are eligible to be proctors: university, college, hospital, or public librarians; teachers or professors; professional testing or Learning Center staff (not including student tutors).

Proctors cannot be the student's relative, friend, tutor, coach, employer or supervisor.

Scheduling a proctored exam session

  • A completed and signed Proctor Agreement Form must be submitted before an exam can be scheduled.
  • Once the Proctor Agreement form is received, the exam date and time will be confirmed by e-mail with both the student and the proctor.
  • The proctor will be sent the instructions on how the student can access the exam. 

Contact Information:

Michelle Toth, LIB Exam Coordinator
Office: Feinberg 306A
Phone: (518) 564-5225
E-mail: tothmm@plattsburgh.edu