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Guidelines for Photography and Videography in Feinberg Library

We welcome student, faculty, and staff use of our beautiful Feinberg Library facility for photo and videography projects. Our goal is to support the academic mission of the college. At the same time, we are committed to maintaining the facility for its primary purpose, which is to provide a research and study sanctuary, computing facilities, and work spaces for faculty and staff.

Approval process for students, faculty, and staff

Feinberg Library requires that all photography and videography* sessions in the facility 1) be approved by the Dean or Assistant Dean of Library and Information Technology Services; and 2) meet the following guidelines:

  • The activity shall not disrupt or in any way interfere with the purpose of Feinberg Library;
  • The activity shall not conflict with the mission and values of SUNY Plattsburgh;
  • Location releases and model releases should be discussed with the Dean or Assistant Dean when seeking approval;
  • The exact nature of the project should be discussed with the Dean or Assistant Dean when seeking approval.

*Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media for storage or streaming.

Approval process for persons or entities outside of the campus community

Please contact SUNY Plattsburgh's Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

Contact Information

For more information about Library and Information Technology Services, please contact:

Holly Heller-Ross, Dean of LITS and CIO
Office: Feinberg Library 211
Phone: 518-564-5180