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Rockwell Kent Collection: Calendar of Imprints and Ephemera

The Rockwell Kent Collection:  Calendar of Imprints and Ephemera, originally compiled by Bruce Stark, is available in Special Collections located on the first floor of Feinberg Library on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

Series Listings

1.  Works Illustrated by Rockwell Kent
        A.  Books Illustrated by Rockwell Kent
        B.  Periodicals with Illustrations by Rockwell Kent

2. Works Written by Rockwell Kent
        A.  Books
        B.  Articles

3.  Books and Articles about Rockwell Kent
        A.  Books
        B.  Articles

4.  Books and Periodicals in the Library of Rockwell Kent
        A.  Books
        B.  Periodicals

5.  Exhibition Catalogs

6.  Manuscripts

7.  Bookplates

8.  Christmas Cards
        A.  Christmas Cards used by Rockwell Kent
        B.  Cards from Other People
        C.  American Artists Group
        D.  Organization and Business Christmas Cards
        E.  Miscellaneous
        F.  Posthumous Christmas Card
        G.  Christmas Card Proofs

9.  New Masses

10.  Other Periodicals

11.  Other Ephemera
        A.  Advertisements
        B.  American-Russian Friendship
        C.  Announcements and Invitations
        D.  Asgaard Farm
        E.  Book Announcements
        F.  Books and Print Catalogs
        G.  Logos, Stationery, Trademarks
        H.  The Right to Travel
        I.  Miscellaneous

12.  Proofs

13.  Non-Print Kentiana

14.  Rockwell Kent Gallery Ephemera

15.  " This is My Own"

16.  Reproductions of Kent Originals
        A.  Cartoons
        B.  Covers
        C.  Drawings
        D.  Portraits and Photos
        E.  Posters

17.  Related Materials
        A.  Dan Burne Jones
        B.  William A. Kittredge
        C.  Lynd Ward
        D.  George Spector
        E.  Kent Film Materials

18.  "This Is My Own" Film-related Photographs and Transparencies

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