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Police Request Help in Preventing Underage Drinking Parties

04:08pm EDT, 17 Jun 2014

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (June 17, 2014) — Plattsburgh City Police and University Police have seen a surge in underage drinking parties in Rugar Woods, specifically in an area of the woods known by local youth as “Guam.” 

This past week, the Plattsburgh City Police received information on two such parties in “Guam.” Both were broken up by police. Approximately 200 teens were dispersed at the first party and 100 at the second. One individual was transported to CVPH Emergency Room for alcohol intoxication.

In addition to the hazards from the illegal consumption of alcohol, natural hazards are present at the party location. These include ones posed by the Saranac River, Imperial Dam and rocky ledges.

The police are asking the public, especially parents and guardians, for help in deterring these events. Those who are aware of parties in the woods — or any illegal activities — are encouraged to call 518-563-3411 (City Police) or 518-564-2202 (University Police). 

Youth often communicate dates and times of such parties via text messages and social media feeds like Twitter and Facebook.

Meanwhile, police will conduct regular checks in Rugar Woods. Individuals found to be in violation of the law can expect to be arrested.

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