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Michelle DeLaria '92

BA Environmental Science
AESP - '91

Michelle DeLaria
Jefferson County
Stormwater Quality Coordinator
303.271.8490 fx

I have been in Colorado since I left Plattsburgh in 1992.  I worked in the public health department in Jefferson County (Denver suburb) for about 10 years and for the past 4, I have been managing a stormwater quality program. I received a Master's degree from the Colorado School of Mines in a combination env science/civil engineering curriculum.  I work in the department of land development and transportation and have been able to integrate natural systems sciences in my work...and provide a different perspective to my civil engineer coworkers. 

Chris DeRoberts '97

BA Environmental Science - (PSU)
841 Fair Street
Carmel, NY 10512
(845) 878-7918 ext. 102

"I currently am a Natural Resource Technician with the Putnam County Soil and Water Conservation District. I am working under both an Army Corp of Engineers and a NYSDEC grant on the statewide Agricultural Environmental Management Program. Under this program I am conducting Tier I inventories of all farmland in the county and Tier II environmental assessments of the farm manangement practices. The goals are to monitor practices on the farm and bring assistance to the farmers by way of cost-sharing grants to implement BMP's. The drive for this program is the NYCDEP, as 2/3 of Putnam County is in the New York City watershed and farmland/open space is a preferred land use for water quality as opposes to residential or commercial development."

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