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Andy Sajor '96 '99

Image of Andy Sajor - CEES alum Department of Earth Sciences
Peru Central School
17 School Street
Peru NY 12972
web page:

I came to Plattsburgh in the fall of 1970 to study Geology but soon got involved in the National Science Foundation sponsored program for Secondary Education. Even though it was a very exciting program, I found exploring the mountains and lakes of the Champlain Valley even more alluring and soon left Plattsburgh State because my head was more interested in hiking and climbing than books. Nearly twenty years later I met Dr. Ingrun Lafluer, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Plattsburgh State. She convinced me I should return to school and use my life experiences toward motivating and teaching our nation's high school students. Because of her and other wonderful professors at Plattsburgh, I finished my Bachelor of Science Degree in environmental education in 1996 and completed I my Masters in Education in 1999. I have been teaching Earth Science, Physical Science and Physics at Peru Central Schools since the fall of 1996 and have never looked back.

Returning to school as an "Adult Learner" I approached my studies with a different mindset. I was working towards a change in life style. I was a Chief Lineman at Plattsburgh's Municipal Lighting Department, now I was going to become a teacher and I firmly believed that, like my job at the power company, your work does not end with obtaining the job. One must keep current on the latest technologies and methods and take every opportunity to learn what is happening in your field. The first summer I had off as a teacher I spent gong to workshops and master classes in earth science and physics. I won grants to spend time at the University of Maryland working with environmental scientists developing curriculum using the NASA data sets. In following years I worked with Dr. Eric Barron on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute research vessel Oceanus, and for WNET Public television as a Master teacher, bringing cutting edge technology to other classroom teachers.

The biggest project I was able to land however is the last one, working with Dr. William Hammer in Antarctica, removing the fossilized bones of the Cryolophosaurus or Frozen Crested Dinosaur. This program is sponsored by Rice University, American Museum of Natural History, Army Corps of Engineers and National Science Foundation. The program is called TEA for Teachers Experiencing the Arctic and Antarctic. Its goal is to pair classroom teachers with scientists working in these regions and they in turn relate their experiences back to the classroom. Twelve teachers from the entire United States are chosen; six go to Antarctica and six to the Arctic. I intend to continue teaching as long as I find the work as rewarding as I do now and I hope to be able to return to Antarctica in any research capacity to continue to learn more about this amazing continent first hand.

Jeanette Scalzo '94

BS Environmental Science (PSU)
Jeannete worked at EA Engineering Science and Technology in Newburgh, NY as a geologist from 1994 to 1997 where she conducted hydrogeologic site assessments including Phase 1 and 2 Remedial Assessments and RCRA Facility Assessments. From 1997 to 1999 Jeanette worked for the Johns Brook (IT) Company as an office manager and as an independent environmental consultant. She also recently applied to the MST Program at SUNY Plattsburgh, where she will work towards certification as a secondary school earth science teacher.

Keri Schlopp (Degnan)

BA  Environmental Science - (PSU)
MS  Hydrogeology (Stony Brook)
Keri is presently teaching Regents earth science and marine biology at Seaford High School on Long Island.

Ian Schofield '98 '99

Image of Ian Schofield - CEES alum BS  Geology (PSU)
BS Environmental Science (PSU)
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Utah
135 South, 1460 East, Room 716
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0111
801-581- 351
Ian is presently working on a Masters degree with Dr. Paul Jewell at the University of Utah. His NSF-sponsored thesis topic is concerned with the systematic modeling of erosional and depositional processes in Lake Bonneville.

Glenn Shepard '2006

BS Environmental Science

Park Ranger, Valley of Fire State Park
P.O. Box 515
Overton, NV  89040

Phone:  (702) 397-2621

Thank you for always pushing me to take all those extra courses during college.  It has proven to open doors for me that I have never thought possible.  I have been a Nevada State Park Ranger four months now and am fully enjoying my job.  Feel free to have students contact me if they would like to know what park rangers do, or what courses to take as preparation.

Scott Spinner '98

BS Environmental Science (PSU)Forestry Technician
101 Broad St.
Plattsburgh, NY 12901 518-566-8969 Scott has been working with Ken Adams (PSU) evaluating the effects of the 1998 ice storm on urban trees in northern New York.

Kristin Spring '05

image of Kristin Spring - CEES alum BS Ecology '05
Miner AESP '04
MST Biology (PSU) - Spring '08

I would like to attribute my rewarding career path to my experience at Plattsburgh State University and the Lake Champlain Research Institute. The expertise and support of the faculty at PSU and LCRI have prepared me for a various challenges and enhanced my ability to teach fascinating subjects.  The combination of science and education degrees from PSU are serving well as I am teaching AP Biology, Environmental Science, and Science Research as an Adjunct through SUNY Albany.  I am a certified instructor of Science Research through the University in the High School Program at Albany and students may receive up to 12 credits by completing at least 2 years in this class.  The course is open to sophomores who will read and present literature, design research proposals and choose a mentor so that they may begin their work at a qualified facility by junior year. Before graduation they will have completed and presented their research at competitions all over the state.  If there are any questions about the program, please contact me at

Stephanie Stone '02

Image of Stephanie Stone - CEES alum B.S. Environmental Science '02
Miner AESP '02

Volunteer Coordinator and Educator
Tanglewood Nature Center

"As for new events in the life of Stephanie Stone, I am an employee of a beautiful nature center in my hometown. My duties as Volunteer Coordinator are unfamiliar to me, but I've stepped up to the position with a positive approach. I'm enthusiastic to actually have the opportunity to work "hands on" inside the very community I've been a part of since my childhood. I also work with kids in local school districts giving a presentation on some aspect of environmental science. It's fun! I'm not on a huge salary and don't need to be since mom still feeds me. (ha-ha)."Stephanie is interested in contacting '02 Miner grads. Email her if that applies.

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