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Andrew Thoms '98

Executive Director
Sitka Conservation Society
Box 6533 Sitka, Alaska 99835
SCS Office: Phone: (907)747-7509

image of Andrew Thoms - PSU alum

Following graduation, Andrew worked on international development projects in the Latin American countries of El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Ecuador with a variety of NGOs, National agencies, and the Spanish Agency for International Development. He became specialized in municipal development with communities on the peripheries of protected areas; his work developed model projects that coordinated rural water system development with community management of protected areas. During this time he also worked on land use planning, sustainable coffee cultivation, development of protected area governance, and regional water system coordination.

Andrew completed a MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2005 and completed graduate work on landscape dynamics of Northern Wisconsin protected areas, cranberry farms, private wetland water sources for cranberry farming and how these dynamics influences habitat for wetland bird species.

Andrew has lived in Sitka, Alaska since 2006 and is the executive director of the Sitka Conservation Society. In his capacity, he helps to chart a course for sustainability in a small community living completely within the Tongass National Forest while advocating for appropriate management of the Nation's largest national forest and the largest remaining Temperate Rainforest in the world.

Maria Tupper-Goebel  '99

B.S. Environmental Science
Miner AESP '99

The City of New York
Department of Environmental Protection -
Drinking Water Quality Control
Natural Resources - Wetland Studies

(914) 773-4477 office
(914) 773-0365 fax

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