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Matt Valentine, J.D., ' 2002
 B.S. Env. Science (PSU)
Miner Applied Environmental Science Program

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I graduated from Albany Law School in 2006.  I was admitted to the NYS Bar in January 2007.  I studied environmental law in Law School.  I had an article published in our Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology, titled "Regulating Soil Vapor Intrusion in New York State".  I am now in a 10 month fellowship at the NYS Senate.  I work in Senator Marcellino's Office.  He is the Senate chairman of the Environmental Conservation Committee.  My main responsiblities are drafting and introducing environmental legislation and meeting with environmental advocacy groups.  

Helen Violi '95

BS Environmental Science (PSU)

PhD Candidate
Department of Botany and Plant Science
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521-0124
Tel: 909-787-2123
FAX: 909-787-4437

Helen is currently a PhD candidate at UC-Riverside. She is working with Dr. Edith Allen on a restoration ecology project in the tropical rain forests of the Quintana Roo.

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