Canadian Studies Associations

Regional, National & International

Middle Atlantic & New England Council on Canadian Studies - MANECCS

Founded in 1981, MANECCS promotes teaching, research and service activities in support of Canadian Studies in a variety of states including Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The Council convenes a biennial conference in even numbered years and publishes the newsletter MANECCS News & Views.

Executive Council

  • President
    • Dr. Robert Bookmiller
      Millersville University
      Department of Government
      Millersville, PA 17551-0302
      Phone: (717) 872-3837
      Fax: (717) 871-2133
  • Executive Vice President
    • Dr. Andrew Holman, Bridgewater State College
  • Vice President, Conference Programs
    • TBA
  • Vice President, Membership
    • Dr. Joan Whitman Hoff, Lock Haven University
  • Treasurer
    • Dr. Robert Bence, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
  • Recording Secretary
    • Dr. Howard Cody, University of Maine, Orono
  • Councilors-at-Large
    • Dr. Richard Kay, University of Connecticut
    • Ms. Marsha Tate, Pennsylvania State University
  • Past President
    • Dr. Robert Timko, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Midwest Association for Canadian Studies - MWACS

MWACS promotes teaching, research and service activities in support of Canadian Studies in the Midwestern United States.


  • President
    • Dr. Kenneth M. Holland
      Kansas State University
      Associate Provost, International Programs
      304 Fairchild
      Manhattan, KS 66506-1111
      Phone: (785) 532-5990
      Fax: (785) 532-6550
  • Vice President
    • Dr. James W. Endersby, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Treasurer
    • Dr. Carol Weiss, University of Columbia-Missouri
  • Secretary
    • Julie Lebo, Kansas State University

Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium - PNWCSC

PNWCSC, a consortium of 32 universities and colleges in Alaska, the Yukon, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington promotes teaching, research and service activities in support of Canadian Studies in the Pacific Northwest United States.

Board of Directors

  • Director
    • Dr. Michael Treleaven
      Gonzaga University
      Department of Political Science
      Phone: (509) 323-6698
      Fax: (509) 323-5718
  • Associate Director
    • Dr. Dan Turbeville, Eastern Washington University
  • Representatives
    • Dr. Dorn Van Dommelen, University of Alaska, Anchorage
    • Dr. Lorry Felske, University of Calgary
    • Dr. Rob Fleming, Kwantlen University College
    • Dr. Mark Plew, Boise State University
    • Dr. Shawn Smallman, Portland State University
    • Dr. Lisa Ferrari, University of Puget Sound
  • Library Representative
    • Linda DiBiase, University of Washington
  • Secretariat
    • Nadine Fabbi, University of Washington

Southern Association for Canadian Studies - SACS

SACS, was launched in August 2003. The association focuses on the promotion and development of Canadian Studies in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida and the Caribbean.


  • President
  • Vice President
    • Dr. Richard Parker, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Treasurer
    • Dr. Laurence W. Etling, Valdosta State University
  • Secretary
    • Dr. Renee Fontenot, Georgia College & State University

Council Representatives

  • Texas, New Mexico (Region 1)
    • Dr. Angelika Sauer, Texas Lutheran University
  • Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma (Region 2)
    • Dr. Timothy Reilly, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi (Region3)
    • Dr. Jean Marie Walls, Union College
  • North Carolina, South Carolina (Region 4)
    • Carol W. Troxler, Elon University
  • Florida (Region 5)
    • Dr. Rhonda Phillips, University of Florida
  • The Caribbean (Region 6)
    • Dr. Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi, University of the West Indies
  • Student Representative
    • Kim Nelson

Western Canadian Studies Association - WCSA

The Western Canadian Studies Association, the newest regional Canadian Studies association in the United States, was established in November 2005. The WCSA promotes the development of Canadian Studies in the Western portion of the U.S. through a variety of initiatives including organizing and sponsoring a significant Canadian Studies section at the annual Western Social Sciences Association conference. Curriculum and research workshops in Canadian Studies are also planned.

  • President
    • Dr. Carol Beran, Saint Mary's College of California
      Department of English & Drama
      P.O. Box 4730
      Moraga, CA 94575-4730
      Phone: (925) 631-4432
      Fax: (925) 631-4471
  • Treasurer
    • Dr. Alan Artibise, Arizona State University
  • Councilor
    • Dr. Patrick Coleman, University of California, Los Angeles
    • Mr. Yitan Li, University of Southern California

Association for Canadian Studies in the United States - ACSUS

ACSUS, a multidisciplinary national association of scholars, professionals and institutions, is dedicated to improving the understanding of Canada in the United States. Founded in 1971, ACSUS encourages creative scholarly activity in Canadian Studies. ACSUS convenes a biannual conference and publishes The American Review of Canadian Studies.

Executive Council

  • President
    • Dr. Diddy R.M. Hitchins, University of Alaska - Anchorage
      Department of Political Science
      Anchorage, AK 99508
  • Past President
    • Dr. George Sulzner, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Vice President
    • Dr. Patrick James, University of Southern California
  • Secretary-Treasurer
    • Dr. Milena Santoro, Georgetown University
  • Councillors
    • Dr. Howard Cody, University of Maine
    • Ms. Nadine Fabbi, University of Washington
    • Dr. Tamara Woroby, Johns Hopkins-SAIA/Towson State
    • Dr. Christopher Kirkey, State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
    • Dr. Robert Thacker, St. Lawrence University
    • Dr. Heather Nicol, University of West Georgia
    • Dr. Kenneth Holland, Kansas State University
  • Executive Director & National Headquarters
    • Mr. David Archibald
      1220 19th Street NW, Suite 801
      Washington, DC 20036
      Phone: (202) 223-9005
      Fax: (202) 775-0061

International Council for Canadian Studies - ICCS

The ICCS is a federation of twenty national and multinational Canadian Studies associations, governed by an Executive Council and an elected four-member Executive Committee. The mandate of the ICCS is to promote and support research, education and publications in all fields of Canadian Studies and in all countries.

Acting Director

    • Mr. Guy Leclair

Executive Committee

  • President
    • Dr. Christopher Rolfe
  • President-elect
    • Dr. Cornelius Remie
  • Secretary
    • Dr. Martin Howard
  • Treasurer
    • Dr. Joseph Glass
  • Secretariat
    • 250 City Centre Avenue, Suite 303
      Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6K7
      Phone: (613) 789-7834
      Fax: (613) 789-7830

Quebec Studies Associations

American Council for Quebec Studies - ACQS

The ACQS encourages, facilitates and sponsors a rich variety of Quebec Studies teaching, research and program initiatives in the United States. The association convenes a biannual conference and publishes the journal Quebec Studies.

Executive Board

  • President
    • Dr. Raymond Pelletier, University of Maine - Orono
      Canadian-American Center
      154 College Avenue
      Ororno, ME 04473
      Phone: (207) 581-4227
      Fax: (574) 631-8209
  • Vice President
    • Dr. Juliette Rogers, The University of New Hampshire
  • Secretary
    • Dr. Leslie Choquette, Assumption College
  • Treasurer
    • Dr. Samuel Fisher III, University of South Alabama
  • Past President
    • Dr. Kevin Christiano, University of Notre Dame
  • Secretariat
    • Center for the Study of Canada
      State University of New York College at Plattsburgh

International Association of Quebec Studies - IAEQ

The AIEQ is responsible for the promotion and development of Quebec Studies in Canada and abroad.

  • Director General
    • M. Robert Laliberte
      Place Royale, 32, rue Notre-Dame
      Quebec, Quebec G1K 8A5
      Phone: (418) 528-7560
      Fax: (418) 528-7558

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about the CONNECT program at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Christopher Kirkey
Executive Director, CONNECT
Director, Center for the Study of Canada
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
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Fax: (518) 564-2112

Center for the Study of Canada
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
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