Annual Seminar

About the Participants

The 2007 CONNECT Seminar featured 17 participants from across the United States. Participant statistics are as follows:

Seminar Participants

Statistic Number
Males 6
Females 11
Professors 8
Doctoral candidates 9
Number of states represented 12
Number of academic institutions represented 15
Representation from the Social Sciences 10
Representation from the Humanities 7


Participants have found the seminar to be most rewarding:

I Was Intellectually Inspired and Academically Renewed

"Thank you for pulling together such an incredibly well-organized week in Ottawa. Between the presentations, discussions and tours, I found myself intellectually inspired and academically renewed, with a new vision of the directions I will be able to take my career. From participants and presenters, I met a number of people who can provide both connections and resources for the work I'd like to pursue post-dissertation. You both were very kind throughout the week and I appreciate your efforts to integrate the seminar participants and to simply encourage everyone to enjoy themselves."--Amy Lane, Doctoral Candidate, University of Missouri

The Seminar Helped Me Create the First Canadian Politics Course at Western Michigan University

"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity to participate in the CONNECT Seminar in Ottawa this summer. It was an enjoyable experience and succeeded in increasing my interest in Canada and knowledge of available resources. Due to my experience in the seminar and the reaffirming of the importance of study of Canada, I have requested and been granted the opportunity to teach a course on Canadian Politics in the Spring of 2008 - the very first Canadian Politics course in the department. I will be applying for a Faculty Enrichment Grant through the embassy, which I learned of during the seminar, to develop the course. Without the experience of the seminar and the enthusiasm of yourselves and my fellow participants, my research and teaching in Political Science would not be as rich as it can be now with the inclusion of Canada. Thank you."--Melissa Shaffer-O'Connell, Professor, Western Michigan University

I Was Impressed with the Highly Diverse and Intriguing Group of Candidates

"I wanted to write to again express my appreciation...for the very interesting and rewarding CONNECT seminar in Ottawa. The program included a great deal of valuable information to introduce us to Canadian policy issues, Canada-US relations, as well as the field of Canadian Studies as a whole. The detailed information we received on suggestions for means and strategies to enhance the Canadian dimensions of our research and teaching will certainly prove valuable as I continue to develop my involvement in Canadian Studies in the coming years. In particular, I now envision multiple channels and opportunities to explore my specific research interest in comparative/US cultural policy. I was also thoroughly impressed with the highly diverse and intriguing group of faculty and doctoral candidates you selected to participate in this program from throughout the United States.--Patricia Dewey, Professor, University of Oregon

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