Annual Survey


CONNECT's permanent monitoring system to determine Canadian Studies involvement by all current and future participants enrolled in the mentoring program, operates by conducting a comprehensive engagement survey to measure and assess the scope of individual and aggregate activities. The survey includes nine key indicators:

  1. Academic and professional affiliations: CONNECT identifies which associations that mentoring participants belong to and/or discontinue their affiliation with. Such associations include ACSUS, ACQS, the respective regional Canadian Studies association, and professional associations including the Canadian-American Business Council, the Canadian Club, and the New England Canada Business Council.
  2. Conference participation: Participants are surveyed on their involvement in recent and forthcoming academic conferences in Canadian Studies. The survey seeks to track the following information: what conference did you attend?; where and when was the conference held?; (and, most importantly), in what capacity did you participate - i.e., observer, panel chair, paper presenter, panel discussant, roundtable participant, and/or organizer. The titles/names of panels and papers are also secured.
  3. Teaching: The survey asks participants to list the name of all courses taught that include Canadian content. In addition, the survey determines whether the courses are undergraduate or graduate level, the frequency with which the course is taught, if the course is new (and when it was first offered) or already in place (i.e., modifications to an existing course offering to include Canadian content), and the percentage of Canadian content offered in the course.
  4. Research: Participants are asked to respond to a variety of questions designed to gage their research involvement in Canadian Studies. The survey focuses on current and planned research, and specific disciplinary/multidisciplinary areas of research.
  5. Scholarship: CONNECT measures the range and depth of scholarship being produced by mentoring program participants. The submission and acceptance of scholarly articles submitted to journals are monitored. Participants are also asked to provide information on book chapters, books (i.e., title, publisher and if a contract has been signed), monographs and commissioned reports that feature Canadian content.
  6. Grants: The survey identifies those Canadian Studies and other academic grants applied for, including success rates and funding levels.
  7. Training: Individuals are surveyed on their ongoing efforts to participate in Canadian Studies professional development training opportunities. These efforts include seminars and workshops offered by academic associations (e.g., the MBA seminar and curriculum development workshops of ACSUS and the summer seminars of ICCS), Consulates (e.g., the International Canadian Studies Institute) and academic institutions (e.g., the Quebec Winter Symposium and the Quebec Summer Seminar offered by the Center for the Study of Canada at State University of New York College at Plattsburgh).
  8. Canadian Interaction: The survey polls participants direct interaction with Canadian colleges and universities, academics, and research facilities through their teaching, research and professional development. Respondents are requested to discuss the substance of each interaction and to evaluate if such activities have substantively enhanced their career development in Canadian Studies.
  9. Graduate Students: Professors enrolled in the CONNECT mentoring program are surveyed to determine the identity of graduate students under their direct supervision who currently are/or are likely to work on doctoral dissertations featuring Canadian content.

The regular administration of this survey instrument allows CONNECT to identify any key activity patterns for new Canadianists. We are able to assess, for example, those associations, conferences, grants, publishing outlets, training opportunities, etc... most sought out and favored. The on-going results of the survey allow us the opportunity to have the most definitive picture to date, across several important spectrums, of how new Canadianists are deciding to engage in and commit to Canadian Studies in the U.S.

2006 Results

The first annual CONNECT mentoring participant survey was conducted in April-May 2006. Participants of the mentoring program were mailed a hard-copy six page survey to identify and analyze their involvement in a variety of Canadian Studies activities - i.e., membership in academic and professional associations, conference participation, teaching, research, scholarship, grants, training, engagement with Canada, and graduate student supervision - in the United States.

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