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Welcome to CONNECT, a comprehensive project focused on the identification, recruitment, orientation and mentoring of new Canadianists for American higher education.

This joint program of the Government of Canada and the Center for the Study of Canada is designed to promote the growth, development and institutionalization of Canadian Studies in the United States.

CONNECT is jointly sponsored by the Government of Canada and the Center for the Study of Canada, SUNY Plattsburgh.

Program Focus

  • Identification of new and potential American Canadianists;
  • recruitment of new American Canadianists for national (Association for Canadian Studies in the United States — ACSUS), regional, and international, (International Council for Canadian Studies — ICCS) associations;
  • orientation to the discipline and network of Canadian Studies in the United States and beyond; and
  • mentoring, on an individually tailored basis, for new American Canadianists.

Dr. J.-Andre Senecal along with Dr. Christopher Kirkey announce the launch of CONNECT on October 15, 2003 at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Target Audience

CONNECT identifies prospective new American Canadianists, concentrating on advanced graduate students, new Ph.D.s and faculty members who have recently entered the profession.

Recruitment Efforts

CONNECT conducts an annual survey to identify prospective Canadianists, focusing on teaching and research interests, past and present professional development opportunities, scholarship, record of grantsmanship, institutional affiliations, and disciplinary and multidisciplinary conference preferences. This data is utilized to create a detailed profile of each new American Canadianist.

The completed profile is provided to the Academic Relations Officer of the Canadian Embassy in Washington and the applicable Canadian Consulate, the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States, the applicable regional Canadian Studies association, the International Council for Canadian Studies, and where appropriate, the American Council for Québec Studies.

Orientation Focus

New American Canadianists participate in an annual week-long CONNECT training seminar, jointly conducted by the University of Vermont and SUNY Plattsburgh. The seminar, convened in Ottawa, provides participants with a thorough policy grounding in the political, economic and social realities of contemporary Canada.

The CONNECT seminar is also designed to introduce and to engage participants with leading representatives from Canadian Studies associations (ACSUS, U.S. regional associations and the ICCS), foundations (the Canada–U.S. Fulbright Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Institute) and government (the Academic Relations Division at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) for the purpose of familiarizing new American Canadianists with current curriculum, scholarly and professional opportunities.

A Mentoring program

The CONNECT mentoring program for new American Canadianists is implemented by the University of Vermont and SUNY Plattsburgh. This mentoring system is distinguished by a proactive, supportive and sustained approach.

All new American Canadianists are placed on an individualized mentoring track. Participants in the mentoring program are contacted and provided with materials specifically suited to their academic background, scholarly interests, and professional development. Through this tailored approach, new Canadianists receive regular updates of scholarly developments in their respective Canadian studies discipline, as well as announcements of appropriate grant opportunities, seminars, symposiums and colloquiums.

CONNECT also works with new Canadianists to facilitate networking with the executive council of ACSUS and the respective U.S. regional Canadian Studies association (based on the geographic location of the individual), with key academics in their respective discipline, in the United States and Canada, and with academic relations and public affairs officers at the Canadian Embassy and applicable Consulate. This mentoring process identifies individuals as they progress in their career, who are qualified and willing to make important service contributions to Canadian studies associations in the U.S.

Contact Information

For more information about CONNECT, please contact:

Christopher Kirkey, Executive Director of CONNECT
Phone: (518) 564-2086
Fax: (518) 564-2112
Email: [email protected]

Center for the Study of Canada
SUNY Plattsburgh of New York
133 Court Street
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

“CONNECT provides an innovative, dynamic approach on how to identify, recruit, orient and mentor new teachers and researchers for the Canadian studies community in the United States.”

Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

If you would like more information about the Center for the Study of Canada at SUNY Plattsburgh, please contact:

Christopher Kirkey, Ph.D.
Director, Center for the Study of Canada
Phone: (518) 564-2086
Fax: (518) 564-2112
Email: [email protected]

Center for the Study of Canada
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh
133 Court St.,
Plattsburgh, NY 12901